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Surron Electric Moto - Solar Powered ?

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    Surron Electric Moto - Solar Powered ?


    I would like to ask if anyone has ever tried to use solar to charge Surron? I have a plan, but I am not the best with batteries, so I would like to ask a bit of help from those who knows more.

    I have found 500w rollable solar panel that weights just 6kg and would like to use that to charge the Surron when I am on my trips. Problem is, I'm not sure what kind of charge controller I need to use for that and of course, I need a booster to get the voltage up or I could just get multiple smaller ones and put those together to get the voltage, either way it works.

    The 500w panel should provide around 350w to 400w power during the day, so if I stop somewhere to hang out for few hours, I could get around 50% battery after 3 hours and more distance.

    Found just now a charge controllerMPT-7210A that is programmable so in theory should work with Surron too.
    The solar panel is expensive at 1000, but will save me when I am long way from home with tent.

    Is there anyone who knows the maximum charging rate for the battery? Could I charger it with more watts than 670w which is the max of the charger? For example, 1000w?
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    I have used the 7210a. Not very efficient. Will not handle the 500 watt panel. The 7210a "works" .do not believe that it will actually work to 670 watts with any efficiency. It just will not pass anymore current than 670.
    check genentech controllers. They have waterproof shockproof efficient boost controllers. Not for the budget constrained.
    Transportable Solar powered is for slower bikes. Unless you want to install permanent charge stations at the top of the second mountain.
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      Thanks for letting me know! Gotta check those Genentechs.

      Surron is perfect as it has speed 45km/h, I would like to have a bigger battery though. I usually go for weekend camping trips close by, around 40km from my home and would be nice to do it with Surron only, then charge it there over the course of 2 days which are hopefully sunny :P

      If you have bigger bike you can, in theory, carry total of 2kw of these panels if it is mounted to the bike (around 20kg plus controllers). That would be sufficient for up to 10kwh batteries. These are CIGS panels that can be rolled, very expensive :) Cheaper to get second bike.


        I have the 100 watt panel mounted on my bike. I drive 35 to 40kph. A 40 k trip is covered daily with this panel. This is with carrying 100 lbs camping equip etc.. Since charging is wired parallel, less voltage sag from motor and battery capacity extended.
        i am upgrading to 260 watt. Looking for 100 miles per day. Look at "suntrip 2020" for ideas.
        biggest problem i see is expensive damage to panels during unplanned deconstruction events. Sidewinds can be very tedious.
        reccomend avoiding cloudy days. Rain. Short winter days. Shadows.
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