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Bike light up to under $100

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    Click image for larger version  Name:	15967341399101564848161110379699.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1,000.4 KB ID:	111440 here are two headlamps mounted to my fairing. Wired into battery bank for phone. Lower light is pos landscape light. Looking for bezel to cover my hack job of mounting.
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      Does it fit in your pocket when you lock up the bike?


        Riveted on to fairing. Then wired into bike low voltage.


          That'll work!


            I think especially considering the banter in this thread you would have to define the metrics for "better"


              Looks good on paper.

              I personally never use the highest settings on my 650/750 Luminas. Occasionally I have run the battery down, but that's one of the reasons I always carry 2 lights. The other one is I don't ever want to be caught riding at night without one. Then you have to create your own mounting. Reputations in safety equipment are earned over time. The other thing is when appropriate ( offroad) I can put the 2nd light on my helmet.
              If you want to try an offbrand unknown reputation light I would definitely have a backup plan. Is it shock resistant (it will be attached to a moving bicycle) is it water proof? If you drop it will it still work? Does the housing extend out past the lens to protect it?
              I've noticed in photos that the newer Luminas have a fluted lens now. Mine are all old because they basically last forever.
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                My advice would be get the current Niterider Lumina Micro 650. It's a versatile and durable product. After getting used to it save up for whatever level of backup light you think you need. If you actually need more power, or more run time you will have an excellent backup or helmet light already
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              ? What something that will last. Thxs


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                I'm still running my Niterider Lumina 350 from about 2010 as a daytime strobe and backup night headlight. The Lumina 650 got roasted on the exhaust manifiold of a PT Cruiser Turbo for a couple months. The reflector is dulled a little but unharmed otherwise. The Lumina Mini 750 has a slower strobe but get's used if I anticipate the need to pocket the light, or as a helmet light for night time exploration away from street lights. Any of them will get a negative reaction form oncoming traffic.I use the Swift 500 for city night use. Smaller lighter, cheaper and a softer beam. doesn't share the mounting rail with the Luminas, and can be short on run time, since you need to turn it up a setting for the same intensity.But a quality commuter light that could be strapped onto any handlebar even in a bikeshare/rental situation.
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              Waiting for my Lezyne 1300xxL light to come in. $90 on amazon. Had a Te-Rich Rechargeable Bike 800 lumens light for $24, lasted a little more than a year. Hopefully the Lezyne last a life time. The Te-Rich light was good just never last very long, would not charge. Opened it up to try and swamp out the battery and broke it more. Battery was dead not taking charge.
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                There's a review on the Lezyne 1500xxl on youtube where you can see those things are crazy bright.



                  I don't know about Lezyne lights but their pumps are top-of-the line IMO... if the lights are built as well as the pumps, it will likely be excellent...


                    Originally posted by D.808 View Post
                    Looking to buy a new light, handle bar mount.....
                    Are you looking for a light that is powered ONLY by a self-contained battery, or are you open to using a light that is wired into the ebike's battery or even a separate battery?

                    For example, I've tried multiple very powerful LED lights that wire into a 12V-85V battery and I liked just 3 of them. They ranged from about $9-$20 at the time I bought them. They required from 0.3A to 0.5A at 36V and automatically adjust for different input voltage. They ran from 10W to 18W. The one that comes with the handlebar adapter also has the best heatsink I've seen on any LED headlight.

                    Some of these kinds of lights come with handlebar mounts, many don't. Two of the three lights I particularly like did NOT come with a handlebar mount, although it wouldn't be too difficult to adapt one from something else.

                    Also, if you have a "standard" ebike headlight that also contains the "horn", they if you choose to replace the existing headlight with one of these it will of course remove the horn as well. I setup a dual mount so kept the old headlight/horn and added the new light, thus have a backup headlight (the original super-crappy headlight) and still have the horn.

           (Extremely bright. Also comes with handlebar mount hardware but you need to provide your own rubber strip. Excellent heatsink) However this one also has gone WAY up in price to about $30.

           (Good all around light with good side-to-side and good distance coverage. Easiest of the three lights to mount to "standard" ebike front wheel headlight clip.)

           (Runs very hot at full power, needs more heatsink. Note...I also plan to replace internal heatsink thermal compound with superior compound. Manufacturer used standard white goop. Best light coverage from side-to-side of the three lights. Also, needs a little bit of additional case sealant as it does NOT meet its IP67 claim in my opinion. Rain WILL get inside it if user doesn't address it)


                      Hmm.. getting used to this sites software, just wrote a book on the lights I have used but somehow it all went away when I put the link to this cool light mounting bracket I found that goes in place of a headset spacer. Really handy for many Ebikes where you end up with a lot of cables and other stuff on your bars. Maybe later I will try and re type my light reviews.

                      MINOURA JAPAN | CS-500 - Headset spacer mount Accessory holder. Ultra light weight accessory holder replaces a 1-1/8 Headset spacer.