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Picked up a dirt cheap E-Bike on Craigslist....Display/Controller question

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    Picked up a dirt cheap E-Bike on Craigslist....Display/Controller question

    A week after receiving my first E-Bike (Sondors Fold X), I spotted this one on Craigslist and jumped on it

    The seller said it was bought new in June, but had issues with the power cutting in and out randomly.

    He took it to a bike shop and they said it needed a new motor

    Totem sent him a complete rear wheel/motor assembly, but it still had the same problem after installing.

    Frustrated, he bought a few new bikes for his family and listed this one on CL

    Turned out to be an easy fix (bent battery tabs)

    Anyways, we've been enjoying it, but I'm curious if there's a way to unlock the speed limiter of 15mph?

    I've seen it done on other controllers, but couldn't find any info one this one:

    Tried pushing "+" and "-" together and a 4 digit code setting came up, but I have no idea what it's for.

    On other controllers that gets you to the 'advanced' settings menu which is where something like a speed limit could be. On Bafang controllers the code seems to always be a combination of 1's and 9's like 9911 or 1199 or 9119 or 1919 and so on. Worth a try otherwise google any brand name or model number you can find written on any electrical piece and maybe that will lead you to the code.


      Thanks for the info

      Found the code on an Amazon review (1919) and was able to change wheel size

      I can defnitely see a difference, but of course the speedo is off, so I'll have to do GPS and SOTP tests tomorrow


        Was there a speed limit setting in there? Sometimes it is and other times it seems you need to get deeper often requiring some sort of programming cable sort of thing.

        From what I have seen the wheel size setting is kinda vague and its best to verify it and try other settings if its off and hope you can find one that is close. My bike with 26x2's is closest with it set to 24" and my other bike with 26x4 or 29x2.35 is at 27. Really not sure what sense that makes but according to the 'your speed is' speed trap sign near my house they are now both accurate. Previous owner of my first bike apparently never even found the basic settings screen so was reading in KM with the wrong size tire. Guess that is one way to do it, select the units you know the least, that way you really have no idea how far or fast you are going.

        Back in the 1900's when 'cycle computers' first came out the setting was the actual circumference of the tire, you could look it up on a chart to get close based on tire size or you could measure and do the math not sure how that technology got lost in the last 30 years especially with more advanced computers.


          That's such an easy fix, I would have felt guilty taking it off their hands? I've gotten a number of "free' mechanicals" simply because some folks, just aren't "handy" Nice score, BTW.


            Didn't see any speed limit setting in there, but I'll dig deeper.

            As for feeling guilty, hells no lol

            Seller actually told me to email him if I ever got it working just so he'd know what the problem was and I did just a couple hours later when I got to work

            He was happy for me and even answered a couple of questions I had about the pedal assist and throttle as I wasn't sure if it was supposed ot accelerate from a dead stop like my other bike.

            Took the Sondors bike out for a couple hours this morning and didn't have a chance to test out the Totem yet

            Not taking it to work today cause a co-worker texted me last night saying he found a similar folding bike in pieces and is bringing it in for me, so I made room for it.

            Looking forward to whatever parts I can pull


              Sounds like you and I are in a race with our new addictions. Sounds like I am slightly ahead at this point because I picked up my 3rd on Friday which so far is just a box of parts. So far only tested the battery on another bike which so far seems to be in great shape so already got a good chunk of my investment back even if the whole package doesn't turn out to be usable. Have other things I need to work on today plus try and get a ride in so you will have a chance to get ahead especially if you are able to get the whole bike running. I can stop any time I want, how about you?