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Bike parking and charging rack?

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    Bike parking and charging rack?

    When I had just one bike to deal with I would just prop it up where ever I could that was hopefully near a plug so I could also charge. Now that I have 2.5 bikes thinking maybe I should build some sort of rack that maybe has a place to also hold the charger(s)? Charger won't help me for a few months since bikes will be in an unheated garage but if summer ever comes around again it could be a handy feature.

    Anyone come up with anything or have any ideas? Thinking some sort of metal or wood framework to slot a wheel into?

    Hi Eldo. Yes. Similar situation. This is my primary charging station that I put together a year or two ago and use it daily. Simply park the front wheel in the frame and plug the charger in. Works a treat. Luckily all my bikes are 29ers so one size does fit all in my case. Click image for larger version

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      Click image for larger version

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      Bought this one on Amazon and mounted chargers under the shelf.

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        I like Hard Tail's simple and rugged. Also kinda like the Amazon one. The wire shelves could be a nice place to put things like helmets and gloves. How sturdy is it? And why does the middle / fat bike look like its not fitting? Is that the rack's issue or the bikes?


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          The middle bike is my X-1 and it fits fine. I don't push it all the way in sometimes. The only change that I want to make is to secure it to the floor to keep it from moving. When at least one bike is in it, it doesn't move. It has worked out great for me. Quick, relatively inexpensive solution to housing three bikes.