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Harley Davidson entering the e-bike market

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    Nice jacket... you buy that moto to go with it?


      Yeah ....

      Let's see here. I'm interested in a full touring bike. So the HD has the least amount of power, smallest tank capacity, and fewer features than EVERYTHING else in its class. Oooh! It's also $5 -$8K more than the next real competitors (Honda Goldwing, BMW K1600).




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        Harley has a price cap on their new bikes. The dealers like to sell them to inexperienced riders who trade them back in when they find they can't handle them. That way the price cap goes away! The French will pay huge for one also.They like Jerry Lewis movies too.

      Drunk uno rules


        Originally posted by DaHose View Post
        Agreed. Buying a Harley is 100% image driven.
        but the Harley badge is all that matters to some.
        This might be the 1st time I defend the Harley Davidson image with its obnoxious noise.
        Behind my home there is/was about 100 acres of abandoned coal strip mining, swamps & a few trees
        With the 2 stokes bikes the sound was bearable but when the 4 stroke mx bikes arrived the neighbors up to 1/2 mile away freaked out with all the noise, and asked the owner to shut it down. When I confronted a 4-stroke tress-passer, he mentioned my neighbor who owns a Harley-chopper with straight pipes.
        Big deal he starts it up and revs his motor for 30 second and is gone for hours. You guys runs in circles for hours, driving the neighbors insane.

        Beware making these statement around Harley-guys
        Harley Davidson.. Number 1 in horsepower to noise ratio. Home
        Visit a Harley Davidon shop. HD=Hundred Dollars.
        I read a few more reading this thread.
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          Well ... After close to 2 years, HD is still marketing these bikes (which is more than I can say for some ebike brands), and the pricing doesn't seem insane for the Rush Speed model that use the Enviolo AUTOMATiQ drivetrain. Insane being relative of course - look at Riese & Muller pricing for example. Or the $10k Stromer ST5 with ABS.

          There's a LOT of money floating around out there, in hands that have no qualms spending it.

          As for HD owners, I've met all types - from high mile "just love to ride" whatever brand suits you types, to "the only real motorcycle is a Harley" types.

          P.S. Maybe HD was doing this from the start, I dunno, but they do seem to be trying to establish non-HD reseller connections for ebikes.
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