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X-1 / M600 BESST Firmware Programming

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    I managed to snag a BESST tool on Ebay last week.

    I have two X1's
    The original first batch from 2019 has 14.4 and over 3000 miles
    My Galaxy X1 has 14.6 and around 1600 miles

    I am going to update the old X1 to 14.6 as soon as I get the pwd
    I have the Luna user name already from post #41 here in this thread but the pwd was deleted because of Bafang

    I have a PM into Paxtana but it's Saturday and I suppose he is doing something more fun than hang out here.

    User Name =
    Can someone PM me the PWD?

    I have 1.2.18 and the 11007.bin files
    Sebs post about 1.23 on Google docs only has the 3 .bin files
    Not sure why the 1.23 exe is missing?


      Ok, all set now
      My X1 from 2019 was 14.4 and now it is 14.6
      My 2021 X1 Galaxy came with 14.6, so need to change that one

      But I did set the max to 60kph on both bikes
      Have not had time to test either bike as the temps are really low here and not much interest on riding in this weather
      The temp this morning here is 0 F

      Tip for those of you trying to buy the BESST tool
      Go to Ebay and do a search for Bafang BESST tool
      Then save that search and set it so you are notified when a new listing pops up.

      Create a search on Facebook market place also just in case one pops up there
      Don't know if Craig's list can do the same thing?

      I had a Ebay search set and I was able to snag the tool as a buy now
      The guy had it listed for $150 Buy now
      It was not an auction which was great.
      I contacted him and asked if he would take $125 and he changed the listing for me


        Wanting to buy a Besst tool to update my firmware on my X1 Luna are out of stock so I plan on getting it from Ali Express....wanting to know that if I purchase the tool that I will be able to get a username and password to login....please advise?


          Guys how could you compare the 14.6 vs 46.7 in matter of:
          - battery consumption at L5/5
          - power output at L5/5

          Have you also tried the 46.9?


            Hi all, new member here. I emailed bafang to obtain a username and password for the Windows BESST Tool but they told me to contact my brand (bike manufacturer?). Would anyone be able to help me out via PM? Thanks!
            Also, does anyone know if the BESST Tool works with a Bafang M200 mid drive? I'm hoping a couple of basic parameters are adjustable.


              Nevermind. I moved the magnet onto the crank arm and moved the sensor onto the outside of the frame and the M200 now goes as fast as I can pedal.


                has anyone login username and pass for my besst tool.thanks


                if someone wants the newest besst login i have a way to make unlimited invite codes so ask me and i will make one for you. And if you need any firmware for displays or controllers or motors ask me i have access to a ton of firmware some official from bafang and some third party


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                  Login please, M420 can firmware

                • john.phil
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                  Hi, could you please send the firmware for BBS01 48V 250W C769-51-502? My controller is locked to 12A and I want to increase it, thanks.

                Please, can you give me an invitation code?