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I just played bumper cars with a motorist.

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    I just played bumper cars with a motorist.

    I was just riding home in the bike lane doing about 25-30 mph, and a car made a slow (15 mph?) right hand turn directly into my bike such that their right front bumper was pushing on my panniers as I continued forward.

    My panniers have a very rigid aluminum box inside, so the pushing action of the car combined with my forward movement served to push/divert me in a vector to the right of the path that I had been traveling.

    I had a great view of what was happening at the bumper/left pannier encounter and I instinctively accelerated so that I would hopefully get out of this guy's way! It worked. I just held on tightly to the grips and went on my new, unplanned path (I was now in the crosswalk) and the car eventually cleared my bike. I don't think he ever slowed down.

    After the encounter, I just continued forward and never even looked back.

    Lesson to share: assume that nobody sees you. I got the impression that this motorist was a very elderly driver, but I never saw his face.

    It seems like if I had been traveling slowly, he would have run me over.
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    I just checked the bearings on the Cromotor. They are fine. Here are the marks from the car. I made sure it is a high res picture for any forensics nerds out there.
    Click image for larger version

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      I have a matchbox-sized Mobius ActionCam mounted that starts automatically when my battery is switched on, so maybe it will someday provide the video evidence with an included timestamp of who kills me someday. Ha, ha, ha... But now that you mention your incident, it occurs to me that I nearly always carry a concealed firearm, and maybe motorists would act act better if I kept in visible in a holster.
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        I rode a motorcycle for many years when I was younger. It has been proven that when someone is bored and driving, their brain is on "auto pilot". The driver can look directly at a motorcycle (or a bicycle), and their brain registers it as "no cars there...proceed"). Its as if you are a bird or some leaves falling from a tree. "something" is there, but...its not a car.

        With the popularity of texting while driving, it has gotten worse. I don't mind someone reading a text at a red light. But...never send out texts when you are in the car, and NEVER text while driving, no matter how light traffic is.



          I ride with a headlight and two tail lights on when on the street. Most of the oversights by motorists that I notice are at signaled intersections.