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    Do you recall what model tire the Luna came with? Looking at the Jumbo Jim it looks similar to the Knard. Its got not especially big square knobs and it looks like the center ones are shorter then they get taller the further away from the center you get. I'm thinking its got very little to do with the knobs/tread and more to do with the overall shape you end up with which can greatly be effected by the rim width. In my case and when the Knard came out in a 26" Surly only had 2 rims and I have the more narrow of the two which I think is 80mm. The other one was wider and I think only took the 4.8" ish tires. I believe the Knard was designed as a 29x3" tire for their new at the time Krampus bike and that appears to be the only size they still make it in.

    I hate to think of how many fat bikes were sold last year and likely this year with a tire that had not been tested just because they could not source the tires the bike was designed for and tested with. Could be many people out there thinking fat bikes are the dumbest thing ever. Wonder if that is what happened to the Luna one?


      I'm definitely in the camp of it's all about the tires and little to nothing to do with their weight, TPI, etc... Some heavy tires and also high TPI tires I've used have almost none of the tendency even at very low pressures, and some lighter ones and others with low TPI do, even at higher pressures... tire tech

      I rode a buddies KHS500 and I was pretty impressed by the stock tires... but not in a good way LOL... Then again often stock tires are... well... just plain cheap... at least they usually don't last long!


        The KHS-500 came with no-name tires. I called KHS and the tech said they were undoubtedly lower end tires because that's what you get with a $1000 bike (no motor). He said most people upgrade tires anyway, so it's not worth it for them to put high end tires on. I don't know much about tires, but I suppose it's similar to cars. High quality car tires make a big difference in handling. Actually, I was really amazed by how much the Jumbo Jim's made. They are a very well reviewed tire. My bike handles so much better now that it gives one more confidence to dance around objects. With the stock self-steer tires, it was a bit of a terror to ride. Now it's like a Porsche Mecan. Well, sort of. Also, special thanks to AZguy for steering me in the right direction to get higher end tires. It was totally worth the extra cash.


          Time for an update. Still running the Larry up front and a Knard in the back. Its been pretty dry so not a lot of mud to deal with and I have not yet hit the other side of the river bottoms with lots of loose beach like sand but I got no complaints how they handle on the green and blue single track or on pavement. I have done a little bit of sand and they seemed to perform similar to the Nates. I have settled on 10 psi. That's hard enough for the streets and soft enough for my fat ass on the trails with no pinch flats.