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Almost didn't make it today...

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    Almost didn't make it today...

    I bought a 3amp 52V mini charger from Luna to keep at work to avoid dragging a charger to and from work.

    Today I used that charger and I didn't notice it failed to charge my bike until after I was two miles from work heading home, and I was trying to beat an incoming thunderstorm.

    I noticed the voltage was reading 50.0V. I charge to 80% at home and I already ridden 21 miles to work.

    Could I make it home on 3.7V? One doesn't want to drain the battery completely and 46.3V is considered a safe low volt. Can I still beat the storm and not completely drain the battery?

    I was thinking of turning around and charging the bike at work which would let the thunderstorms pass.

    I decided to peddle on.

    I made it home with 46.7V showing on the battery and I was not rained on.

    I worked out that bike averaged 130 Watts/sec, way below 290 Watts/sec the bike normally uses.

    I averaged 16 mph, below my 20 mph average and it took me 10 minutes longer to get home. 1hr 17 min vs 1 hr 8 min

    BTW, it isn't easy peddling an electric bike without power on flat roads while trying to maintain 20 mph.

    Now I need to figure out why the new charger at work failed to charge but I will be bringing the big charger with me tomorrow.

    Thanks for the post Galroc. I was considering buying a mini charger for work as well.. Now will hold off until I hear how this story ends. BTW... Does the mini charge to 100%?


      It turns out that the I didn't turn the surge protector on that I connected the 3 Amp charger to yesterday. It is an old one that does not light its switch when on.

      The 3 Amp charger appeared to be on because of backflow of voltage from the bike, which lit its LEDs. I wonder if they should have a reverse protection diode on the output. Seems odd that it doesn't.

      The 3 Amp charger charges to 100%.


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        I have to take this back. The 3 amp charger was on my bike for nearly 7 hours today and failed to charge more than 1 V. I will contact Luna Support about this issue. Luckily, I brought the big charger to work.