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Notes on Custom Luna Super Banana v2 aka diy Coastcycles Buzzraw X

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    Notes on Custom Luna Super Banana v2 aka diy Coastcycles Buzzraw X

    I started with a coastcycles buzzraw X pedal and installed a luna bbshd hotrod kit. After completing my sidecar, I wanted to keep the bike peppy, so I acquired a v1 controller and I was happy.

    Within weeks, the v2 was announced. Lunacycles was kind enough for me to acquire one in beta, and since I’ve had it, I have had the stock nylon gear, then the peek gear, and now the steel gear.

    V2 compared to v1 and hotrod:

    Hotrod: The hotrod is silent. With my 20/60t ratio, there is a “slow” low end takeoff and a good mid to high end torque. 32mph on flat seems to be the average. About 1600w peak.

    V1: When I made this upgrade, It was a noticeable difference. It felt much like the hotrod, except it felt more “awake”. I would say it feels like the hotrod at 120% battery. Enough torque to make the front end lift a little, and much more low to midrange torque that the hotrod was lacking. With the same 20/60t, 32-36mph on flat was typical. Still silent but with a slight frequency sound that a tv makes when its on mute. About 2650w peak.

    V2: This controller is completely different. Even with the 20/60t ratio, if I’m sitting up straight, it could wheelie me off the bike. The low end torque is great, but the midrange torque is amazing. According to my eggriderv2, 0-15 in 1.5sec, 0-30 in 3.2sec. Top speed on flat is 42mph. 4900w peak with 105a bursts. The motor/controller makes a whirling sound that reminds me of a tesla and a dyson vaccum cleaner. Its hard to explain, but it’s a pleasant audible sound.

    Compared to 2019 Ariel Rider D-class limited edition vs buzzraw X using different controllers:

    The D has has great low/midrange acceleration up to about 25mph. It does burnouts on launch, but once it balances out, the dual motors make it a peppy ride. Top speed is about 32-34mph at optimal conditions but typically 29-31mph.

    The d is quicker at launch but the hotrod catches up towards the mid/high end of the power curve.

    The d is similar in power vs the v1, except the v1 has more mid to highend torque. Top speed is higher on the v1.

    Finally compared to the v2 the super banana/ buzzraw x is faster in all areas, silent, much more agile, while still feeling like a bicycle. It’s not even close. I would say it’s in the surron/onyx category in terms of acceleration until about 36mph.

    Notes on stock nylon, peek, & steel gear:

    The nylon gear is dead silent. I believe it’s a decent gear with the hotrod. I’ve heard of them melting, so I upgraded to the peek soon after getting the v1 controller.

    The peek gear is silent as well with a slightly different sound. Maybe a tad bit more noisy, but it’s still silent to me. I think it’s a great choice paring with a hotrod or v1. However, when I upgraded to the v2, the peek gear could not keep up under heavy load and hard launches. It would occasionally slip under those circumstances, and the sound is very loud and jarring.

    Now with the steel gear, the noise is audible with a metallic winding noise as predicted. No noticeable torque difference, but hard launches are now a non-issue. It’s a trade off since its no longer dead silent, but the bike is now predictable and reliable.

    Component notes:

    After getting the buzzraw X pedal, I swapped out pretty much everything.

    20/60t single speed - not the perkiest option on the low end, but a good setup for non motor pedaling, while having a good mid/high end torque and speed. Good cruising cadence for when I’m with my slower friends.

    Gates carbon belt - I wanted low maintainence and little to no drivetrain noise

    Luna chainring adapter

    Lekkie buzzbars 160mm - shorter than a standard 160mm for slightly better clearance

    Crank brothers stamp11 titanium

    Lekkie drive cover - much lighter than stock

    Hope tech3 e4 - great modulation and tuning at the levers. the build quality is amazing. When i want to lock up, it will, but most of the time i like to come to a smooth stop, so these work great. I do have a pair of magura mt5 special editions, but the build on those are questionable.

    Fiksreflective rim reflective wheel tape- these fit the exact diameter with very little tolerance. Fits better than the taylor333 that are top rated on amazon.

    Ruffryders z-style handlebars

    Ohlins ttx22m front/rear suspension - rides like butter. Piggyback style on front. 412lbs Springs for my weight.

    Cirrus kinekt stem suspension - secondary suspension works well with the front ohlins suspension. Reduces road vibration.

    Ergon ga3 grips - ive tried about 8 grips and i like these the best.

    Motogadget blade mirrors - polished aluminum with no bezel and amazing build quality.

    Arielrider/juiced horn & alarm - i haven’t found anything better than this. I own 4 of these on various bikes.

    Tigr blue lock

    Maddogs & englishmen semi custom sidecar - the only usa dealer in collaboration with scandinavian sidecar. Fiberglass shell, detachable. Suitable for up to 2 and can hold pets/groceries.

    Spurcycle compact bell - the original is louder and has a better sound, but this one fit my bars better. I use it as a low speed courtesy bell instead of blasting peds with a horn.

    Future upgrades:

    -Custom 72v battery pack with translucent enclosure

    -12v dc converter

    -wired brake/front lights integrated into frame

    -custom seat

    -paint job

    -moto tires

    -onyx hub, dt swiss spokes

    -possibly going to try out another handlebar
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    Absolutely stunning.


      Nice work.
      Well written build summary for a whole custom model lineup.


        This is friggin' beautiful.
        I have a Coast Cycles Buzzraw X too and want to upgrade...Now I see the bar has been set high!
        I want to keep my belt drive as well and so it's great to see you're rocking it with the belt drive too.
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