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Luna X1 rear shock Questions

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    Luna X1 rear shock Questions

    X1 owners.
    If you have switched your rear shock did you get a 200x57 or a 210x55 and why? Is one length better than the other? What shock and model did you replace it with Fox or Rockshox? What compression and rebound tune low medium or high?
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    Hi IOUZIP,
    10mm difference in eye-to-eye length is significant, and changing the shock length 10mm also changes where in the travel the suspension is at sag by roughly the same amount which can negatively affect the suspension. First of all, I recommend you check which shock 200x57 or 210x55 your bike supports. This info should be specified in the bike handbook that came with the bike. Or you can take these data from the old one, and here is how

    I use Rockshox rear shock, but both brands offer best of the best performance, and the shocks feel so freaking similar after having them set up properly.

    Regarding compression and rebound tune. Different bikes have different suspension actions hence different tunes. It depends on what the travel, leverage ratio (travel/stroke shock) is. Your weight also affects this as well, if you’re of a portly stature you might need a higher tune regardless… It is hard to find any specific recommendations for particular frames, so better to contact directly Fox (or Rockshox). They should be able to tell you which tune is best suited to your bike.