Cycling helmets are very important to cyclists. In the event of an accident, a cycling helmet absorbs most of the impact. It plays a protective role of buffering and shock absorption. Cycling helmets are mainly composed of the following parts.

Hat shell, hat body, buckle and chinstrap: The hat shell is the outermost hard shell of the helmet. In the event of an accidental collision, it is used to disperse the impact force. The hat body is the foam inner layer inside the helmet. It is mainly used to absorb the impact force in the accident and reduce the accident injury. buckle and chinstrap are used to secure the helmet in place.

Brims, knobs, and air holes: Brims are available as fixed or adjustable. The function is to prevent foreign objects from flying into the eyes of the rider, and to play a certain shading effect. The knob is located behind the helmet. Used to adjust the tightness. The air holes are there to help cool and ventilate the head, keeping the hair dry on long rides.