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Luna Z1 Pedal strike

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    Luna Z1 Pedal strike

    Hi Just received my new Z1 and wondering if anyone else with a Z1 is concerned about pedal striking the ground with only a couple of inches of clearance from the ground! My first ride ended in a crash when I tuned a corner with pedal at the bottom it stuck in the ground throwing me off the bike. Contacted Luna they said don't pedal in the corners and get shorter cranks. Just wanted to bring this to the attention of anyone looking at a Luna, seems to be an issue with the X1 also. Would recommend riding one first to see if it does not affect you.

    It's an inherent trait of being a bicycle, not a design flaw. Turn with the pedals at 3 and 9. You want the inside pedal forward of the outside pedal so you can back pedal to raise the inside pedal toward 12 o'clock if needed. At some point it'll become natural. It is also the way you should orient your pedals when descending in rough terrain while not pedaling or when throttling around in rough terrain without pedaling.


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      HMMMM I have had a Haibike full seven for a year and I agree under extreme circumstance's the pedals will strike the ground. The Luna Z1 hits when on flat ground in a slight turn, it is much worse.

    Shorter cranks and proper crank position will help. Typically if a curve has any notable 'sharpness' to it, I have the outside pedal down at 6 o'clock and the inner one up at 12. That puts the inner pedal way high so you don't have to worry about a pedal strike and you can transfer weight to the lower/outer pedal and throw the bike over even further if you need to sharpen up the turn even more.

    If you're in the pee-wee club, riders under ~6 ft, or on the smaller frame bikes, then the shorter cranks might also make sense. I'm 6'4 and have an XL, so anything shorter than 170mm sort of feels like one of those clown cycles.

    Another thing not often mentioned is to look at the sag of your suspension. When my X1 showed up, both shocks had 'some' air, but definitely not enough for a 6'4 / 200+lb rider. I did what I could with my floor pump, but it maxed out around 150 psi, so I had to wait for a shock pump to show up so I could get them into the proper 200+ psi range. Once the shocks didn't sag 2/3 of their travel, I had much more ground clearance! You'll also need to keep an eye on that pressure from time to time as it has a possibility of slowly bleeding off over time. You won't really notice it until pedals start scraping the ground again!

    Good luck and keep that inside pedal up!


      I tend to do very hard leans on hard surface (too many years of moto racing) and I typically brake to scrub speed before entering the turn, grab throttle while entering, stop pedaling with inside pedal at top of stroke (I'll still hit sometimes if they are horizontal), get aggressive with throttle at the turn apex for maximum lean and come out hot...

      Practice whatever works for you and it will become second nature