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Can cycling help you lose weight

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    Can cycling help you lose weight

    Just like running, cycling is a very good aerobic exercise, and in addition to enhancing our cardiopulmonary function, aerobic exercise is also a very effective way to lose weight. And in the process of riding, many muscles of our whole body are involved, thighs, calves, buttocks, arms and even shoulder and neck muscles have been fully exercised. Therefore, as long as the riding style is correct, and each ride can be guaranteed for more than half an hour, it is completely possible to achieve the purpose of losing weight.

    The only thing to pay attention to is that you can’t lose weight because you can lose weight by riding, so you can eat a lot after riding. If you consume more calories than the calories consumed by riding, then not only will you not achieve the effect of losing weight, but you may also lose weight. will gain weight.

    Judging from the lack of responses there must be a large number of ghost-pedalling donut boys in this group!?


    • ncmired
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      Head down, hand raised ... But working on it, and closing on 100lbs less chunkage.

    • AZguy
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      Hardly - I just know that exercise while healthy isn't going to make much difference on it's own for weight management... weight is pretty much all about consumption...

      I'm pretty good for a guy in his sixty's with just one leg

      And I strongly suspect that lauragorf is just an AI bot anyway and I don't really understand the point of aostirmotor posts... oh well...