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new posts legit or scam?
    has anyone ordered a bike from here?
    is it legit or a scam?

    Nothing comes up for me. Chances are it's a site to catch typos of Trek bicycles site.


    • Norm D
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      comes up on two different devices I just tried

    My browser won't allow me to get to fake sites.


      There's a storefront at I've not heard of them before, and the prices imply junk, frankly.

      If I was in this price range market I'd probably just go to Walmart (and hope to dump it back on 'em if/when the bike fell apart).

      If you do end up buying one, I'd keep it dry, ride it gently, and not expect too much out of it - no excessively hot or cold weather.

      IMHO, a wiser choice would be to move up a bit in price and go with an established vendor like Rad Power.

      P.S. depending on the terrain and bike style desires, Luna's new single speed fat tire folder may also be a candidate.
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        Costco online has Sondors. I build my own bikes, but they've been around a while.


          Ya I'm with the rest. About $1200 seems to be the absolute minimum to not get complete garbage and even then you have to get it from the right brand and seller. We are not saying you got to go spend $5k+ but if you can push up to $2000 you have a much better chance of getting something decent. Check out Area 13 bikes (formerly Bolton Ebikes). They have a good reputation and quite a range of styles and prices. Basically look for a brand that has been around at least 3 years. Chances are those will still be around in another 3 and there will be a chance of support.

          $2000 is also about what many of us spent on conversions. About $1500 for the kit and random parts and tools and we put that on a $500ish bike which if you can find something used can often get you a pretty decent bike.