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Oxygen on a bike

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    Oxygen on a bike

    My first e bike used a bottle battery. I joked about painting the bottle as an Oxygen tank and running a hose to my nose. If anyone asked how I was going so fast, I would claim I turned up the oxygen.
    . Now it is not a joke. After a bout with covid exasperating my copd, the oxygen has become necessary. I recently met someone riding a recumbent swb tryke who stopped to talk about adding electric motor to his bike. Several minutes into the conversation, I noticed a hose to his nose. The conversation was cut short because the battery for the oxygen concentrator was getting low.. How well do I know that low battery anxiety.
    My pulmonologist just burst my plans. It is not that easy to get the portable concentrator on my health plan. Driving and pedaling using oxygen concentration as limiting factors a necessary part of my rehab program is strongly encouraged. She has heard of recumbent riders strapping O2 bottles on their bike and riding for several hours. Albeit not fast.
    . What is your suggestion, experience? To me, I hope this becomes an important thread.

    I've thought about hooking up nitrous oxide but that seems dangerous... just kidding

    A lot of pilots fly with supplemental oxygen and while not inexpensive systems fills aren't terribly costly - I've flown with these

    Mountaineering supplies might also be an avenue to explore


      Enough already. Nitrous oxide is good oxidizer for your rocket power fast bike. I just need enough oxygen to partially be able to pedal my bike to grocery store and doctor appointments.
      I just got portable oxygen tanks refillable with home concentrator.
      With the use of this supplemental oxygen, I should be able to ride and pedal for at least one hour. Before I could not walk 100 yards.
      Exercise is now possible. In time maybe I will no longer need the supplement. Amazing equipment. Uses an intermittent regulator.


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        FWIW when electric enabled me to get back into riding - heck enabled me to do any sort of real physical activity - I could barely walk down a hallway without being completely winded... it took a couple of years but I managed to get into very, very good cardiopulmonary shape for a guy at any age let alone a disabled guy in his 60's.. resting pulse is around 50 and I can pedal hard without raising it appreciably and really get the wind flowing through my lungs...

        Wishing you the best! Even some progress is better than decline...

      Thank you. The decline was sudden. The recovery will take longer.