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Another reason to ride your eBike: Pay-per-mile Auto Insurance!

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    Another reason to ride your eBike: Pay-per-mile Auto Insurance!

    My fellow ebikers,

    I ride my commuter ebike to work every day (build thread here), and as a result, I don't put many miles on my car. I started receiving these ads in the mail from a company called Metromile, a pay-per-mile insurer. I promptly tossed them into the trash.

    I found out my friend in SF uses Metromile, since she doesn't drive that often either. The next time I received one of their ads, I decided to give them a shot.

    So I got a quote, and long story short, cut my insurance bill by 50-60%, and I have better coverage than before.

    As with anything, YMMV, but do note that I was a AAA customer for 8 years, and that I had several discounts on my policy. I even had a professional discount with AAA.

    I drive 300-400 miles/mo. I'm a 29 year old single male, no points/accidents.

    TL, DR:
    I cut my insurance in half by switching to Metromile. I also now have an awesome incentive to ride my eBike every day.
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    Good suggestion. For a while I had my car on storage insurance with State Farm. It was $9 a month, and $3 a day for use. It was a little bit inconvenient calling the day before I needed my car, and the afternoon that I didn't, but I saved me a ton of money. I'm not sure of the Metromile rates, but this could be a good alternative for others with a company that stacks savings with multiple insurance plans.


      That is awesome, I didn't know state farm offered that. It does sound pretty annoying though having to know a day in advance when you will need your car.

      For me, Metromile runs around $43/mo + 6.5 cents/mile.