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Solderless barrel connector

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    Solderless barrel connector

    My barrel connector for connecting to charge my battery broke and I am looking to replace it with a solderless barrel connector. Luna is sold out of the one they recommend. I found a set of 10 on Amazon, but they are only for 16-24 gauge wire. Does anyone have a recommendation of one to buy that will accept the wires from by current setup? I don't know the gauge, but I bought from the connector from Luna originally. I am guessing it is 14 or 12 gauge (connected to an XT60 connector). It looks exactly like the one in the video where they show how to fix this problem.

    Thank you.

    Not sure if you are looking for an adaptor or a terminal end for a wire, but this adaptor is recommended by Pax for their charger which I'm waiting for mine to arrive. got it from Thundermuffler on ebay for i think $26. it's XT60 to barrel

    Click image for larger version

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      That's kinda pricey for what it is, but it is exactly what I'm looking for.


      • lectrik al
        lectrik al commented
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        it is expensive. but I'm 70 and everything seems expensive. I relate to prices 50 yrs ago when I was 20 and you could buy a whole bicycle for $26.
        On the positive side, I received my luna charger yesterday and tried the adaptor which performed flawlessly!

      • dirtman
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        I`m now 71 and everything is expensive.
        May as well spend it now unless you can figure out a way to take it with you to the afterlife.

      • AZguy
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        Granted it's likely no more than $10 worth of material but if the extra on top of that seems too expensive.... build it yourself [presuming you have the proper tools] and after the material and shipping costs for the parts... and if the time sourcing the parts and building it is worth minimum wage pay... well just do it!

      For 10 gauge stranded single conductor, I have used 3/32" nico press swedges, copper type, made for use with a special crimper to secure aircraft cabling. I had it already for plane use, one day I was doing some solar work and realized the fit was perfect, and once swedged you can't pull it apart, the cable will break before the swedge lets go. On my ebikes I've continued this practice, currently (ha ha) they are in use on 3 bikes, not the Sur Ron, yet. The handheld swedgers are pretty cheap, as are the swedges themselves.


        Support often recommends that particular adapter because the barrel is sturdy, the shrink is thicker than a typical adapter, the wires are thicker than typical and it is further reinforced under the shrink. I lost count the number of times I seen a cheap barrel adapter fall apart so ideally we don't recommend that.

        In theory the average person can indeed put together something similar but buying the adapter is not a bad way to go for a longer lasting part made in Usa.