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How Much do You Know About Road Bikes

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    How Much do You Know About Road Bikes

    Road bikes are mainly used for racing on cement roads and asphalt roads. They are characterized by light weight, thinness, small wind resistance, large wheel diameter, small tire diameter, and large gear ratio between the crankset and the flywheel.

    Its thin body and curved handle design can effectively reduce wind resistance. Thin tires also play a role in reducing wind resistance under the premise of ensuring stability. The lightweight bike body is helpful for acceleration, sprinting and climbing. The large gear ratio and large Wheel diameter is also designed for speed.

    A high-end road bike is much more comfortable and cooler than a typical mountain bike. For example: well-crafted carbon fiber frame, silky smooth and smooth transmission system, good grip tires, you will fully experience the perfect combination of balance and speed in sports.

    How much do you know about Ebikes?

    Your first sentence pretty much sums up my opinion of road racing type bikes. I don't find them suitable for conversion to E bikes.
    1- Bike racing takes place on closed courses. Only other racers are allowed, No other traffic, and everyone is going the same direction. Not an actual thing in my world.
    2- Light weight. As the saying goes-Strong, Light,Cheap. Pick two. You already chose light and cheap is really no longer an option. Also bike racers tend to be small people.
    3- An Ebike can't be light. It has a motor and a battery. It can be much faster than a road bike. Mine is.
    4- Very few people find them comfortable. Pedaling bent over can lead to low back issues(sciatica), and needing to ride with your head down means your neck is bent backwards to see where you're going (torticollis). Add in 90psi tires and no suspension. Plus an Ebike can allow much longer rides for most people. I'm afraid it doesn't add up. The seats are called ass hatchets.
    5- Aero. This is necessary to go fast on a pedal bike. Skinny tires, and compromised riding position are needed for this. On an Ebike not so much. I ride at my normal cruising speed into 20mph headwinds sitting straight up. All the carbon in the world won't do that.
    6- They pretty much don't have useful brakes due to the skinny tires. But they're way coooool. Seee item 1.
    7-Big brakes need big tires to work. It also helps if they're actually in contact with the ground. A front suspension fork helps with this.
    8- A mid drive Ebike can make good use of stronger MTB drivetrain parts. Shredding expensive racing parts gets old fast.
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