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E-Bike makers are conspiring to prevent hod rodding their lame ass products

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  • stts
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    I never think twice about any of that. I'm an unauthorized repairman of everything I get my hands on. And I get technical details for my unauthorized repairs from my internet PC running unauthorized copies of windows 7 and 10. I used to have unauthorized OS on my Sprint Galaxy 5. But Sprint shut down and I had to get a Galaxy 10 that is hacker proof. I sure miss my spam free Galaxy 5. People still hacking on the 10 but its never been broke. These Bafangs are hack proof. Nobody can read the code that's in it to hack it. Only select copies that were leaked from the factory are available to burn into motors. But its like rolling dice that the code is good for the controller version. Half of the world is unauthorized. So Ill start getting worried when China starts paying back royalties for all things they pirate. Hah.

  • lectrik al
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    Not only that but almost everything comes with a warranty-ending, tamper proof seal. Even toasters!

    In "THEIR" defence, due to outrageous lawsuits and the stupid shit customers do with their products, it's almost understandable.

    BMW, Porsche, even GM, all ditch you for any unauthorized or aftermarket mods. And nobody designs for low cost, low maintenance

    That's why it's so cool that there are outfit's like LUNA who can provide custom parts to help you build the unavailable bike of you dreams!

    all I needed was their awesome Eclipse platform to "build" the bike of my dreams. It was great right outta the box

  • AZguy
    Originally posted by TwentyIsJustTooDamnSlow_! View Post
    You can't "hack" your own stuff just like you cant steal your own stuff.

    Not true! You may not like it but

    If you modify the electrical box you own on the house you own to bypass the meter - you have broken the law (theft of service)... there are many other examples of "stealing services" through modifying ("hacking") personal property - this is just an old and egregious form

    Presently many cars and even motos come with subscription based capabilities... nothing changes on the hardware you *own* (nor the software), just a code you have to pay for and if you manage to modify the vehicle you own to enable those capabilities without paying the subscription fees you have also broken the law ... I don't like this and will avoid it kicking and screaming but it exists and is only growing and for me to ignore it would make me ignorant...

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  • Circuitsmith
    The verb "hack" and its children predate computers. And some of its meanings are positive.
    to cut or sever with repeated irregular or unskillful blows; to cut or shape by or as if by crude or ruthless strokes; annoy, vex —often used with off… See the full definition

    Maybe people in Europe aren't in such a big dang hurry.
    I'm proud to have been a hacker long before some computer nerds tried to monopolize the term.
    The Capital Hackerspace

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  • TwentyIsJustTooDamnSlow_!
    Latest news
    How Europe’s Energy Crisis Could Turn Into A Food Crisis

    By Irina Slav - Nov 20, 2022, 4:00 PM CST​

    Read more Energy/Energy-General/How-Europes-Energy-Crisis-Could-Turn-Into-A-Food-Crisis.html

    Europe in a major energy crisis AND they say we have this climate change going on too.

    I got a super idea !!!! Lets make e-bikes totally suck on the entire continent of Europe with some dumb ass 250 watt 15 mph rule !! That way e-bikes don't sell and people keep using their cars making both problems worse.

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  • E-Bike makers are conspiring to prevent hod rodding their lame ass products

    "Under the Confederation of European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI), 15 national bicycle industry associations in Europe and 68 companies have signed onto an industry-wide commitment to prevent owners from hacking their e-bikes for more speed and power."

    Whats with that word "hacking" as if its somehow criminal to play with and modify your own property.

    "Hacking is the act of identifying and then exploiting weaknesses in a computer system or network, usually to gain unauthorized access to personal or organizational data.​"

    You can't "hack" your own stuff just like you cant steal your own stuff.

    Here is the article
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