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Shifter cable issues

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    Shifter cable issues

    Do all shifter cables operate the same, as far as rigidity or the opposite of what hydraulic brake lines feel like. Would a "higher performance?" cable be more limp and bendable for routing?

    I'm trying to clean up and improve a new lectric xp 3.0. Replacing the bars and the tiller style steering apparatus - design rip off from an old ox cart. Just waiting on DavidBrandNew to ship me his new turtle neck stem to start. With new hydraulic lines and brake levers, I should be able to re route all the cables and lines for a cleaner setup.

    IF I can do something about the shift cable. It juts out in front of the bike and is just plain butt ugly. it does match the tug boat tiller tho. looks like a plastic pre bumper for a delicate controller.

    If I could make it a single speed like my Eclipse I would, and that would eliminate the problem plus make it less complicated for the new riders to operate. UNfortunately, it's not a LUNA, and maybe the specs are close but there's way less grunt and without gearing and pedals, it not gonna make it up a lot of our local hills. Eclipse eats em

    So, anyone know of anything that would make a difference- that don't cost a fortune, or involve throwin away the lectric

    i want to make the 3.0 look more like my Eclipse

    Click image for larger version

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    waste of time
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      electronic shifter sounds awesome, but would be overkill for a bike like the 3.0. I didn't know they had them, I will have to search just to check them out. I figured the cable had to be stiff to operate properly. The bike does shift nicely the way it is. I'm not used to seeing the chain at an angle when it's on the lowest or highest cogs. I'm kinda amazed that they work that way, and I can now see why chains and sprockets wear out and cause noise.
      The more I learn about bicycles the more I love my single speed, belt drive Eclipse, and I salute LUNA for the fun ebike package they put together. Not knowing a lot about bicycles, it would have been easy to pick a less capable bike than the LUNA.
      I might try to find a noodlier or better grade of cable. I'm pretty sure lectric would use the most economy minded parts for the bikes in an effort keep price as low as possible.


        There are high end shift cables and brake cables. One thing they do is pre-stress them. They stretch them out until the stretch is used up. Another thing they do is they pull them through a round die so the outside is smooth and not grooved from the individual strands. Then there is the housing which may have a Teflon liner instead of just running inside a steel coil with a rubber coating. Sometimes the linered cables use alloy beads instead of coiled steel wire. Partly for rigidity partly to save a few grams.
        Jagwire sells all types. But there are other brands.

        Not all derailers work the same. Rapid Rise was an old Shimano derailer where the cable pull was backwards. AKA Low Normal derailers. The derailers are pretty common from back in the 6-9 speed era, but shifters, especially "Revoshifter" are hard to come by. Never existed in 9 speed ASFAIK. These can actually downshift when stopped. or dump a bunch of gears with a gripshift. But normal shifters work backwards with them. 8 speed RR Revo's have become scarce, 7speed can still be found. RR came in almost all derailer levels back then,Saint,XTR, LX,XT, Dura Ace, Tourney etc.


          Cool, will check out the Jagwire, sounds like what I'm looking for.

          Also have to thank you for your FIX for a bad mood.

          Whenever I feel down I just think of your quote about escaping to Florida - cracks me up for hours.


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            I'm not sure what thread the "escape to Florida" quote was from. Sounds like something form the Commuter Forum.
            If you want tour guides to Florida, try the "novels" by Carl Hiassen, and Tim Dorsey. They were both newspaper men who know what really goes on here behind the scenes. They never seem to run out of material. Hiassen did a couple childrens books so avoid those.

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            It was your comment on the Picture/quote thread about biking in snow instead of escaping to fla.

            I quote you: people who move to florida to escape anything, are in for a big surprise

            damnit, now I'm giggling like a little girl fer at least a half hr

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            That could have shown up in just about any of my posts here. I had a discussion going about snakes with AZ. I posted a photo of a 20' Burmese Python that's gone native here. I actually caught one of our roaches in a mouse trap. They fly around in the dark BTW.
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          My parents escaped to Pembroke Pines in '55 when I was 3.
          Never forget the horror of a big old Palmetto roach, trapped and clawing at my toes as I put on my sneakers.
          It'll scare the crap outta ya! And even if yer a slightly forgetful kid, you'll start checkin your shoes BEFORE you try puttin em on.
          Also fun learnin that the 4" grasshoppers will bite ya if you hold em loosely!


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            I've been here since '55 too. Started in Lakeland, then did the SoFla loop. Hialeah, Carol City, Hollywood. About 5 years in St. Pete, then back to Ft. Lauderdale, Davie. There was a short stint in Lake Panasoffkee which was very interesting,.backwoods FL at it's finest.
            AZ was talking about the joys of riding around at night with no lights on. 2 miles from where I live (Davie suburbs) a woman got eaten alive in broad daylight while walking her 3 pitbulls. This was in a public park. 12' alligator. The sad part is they had posted signs where she lived warning not to let your dogs swim there due to gators. So she went to the park instead. Locals all knew the beast was there. But there were plenty of ducks and racoons in the wildlife preserve to keep him in his own lane. Swimming pitbulls got his attention. A bear or cougar would have stayed the hell away from 3 pitbulls.
            The Palmetto roaches are good training for Brown Recluse spiders or scorpions Portugese Man O Wars are exciting too..
            You probably need one of these.
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            Or one of these. Notice the bulge under the teeshirt on the left hip. The steady gaze, and the confident smile.
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