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So how did they do it?

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    So how did they do it?

    Most everything I have, I have opened up to see how they do it. Been doing that since I was a kid. And this eBike stuff is no exception. The motor will get opened up in due time, for one reason or another. But there's already plenty of info of what I will find. But with the display, that is a minor mystery. Its pretty clear that it uses the same MCU and tech as what's in the motor controls. But there is always room for customization. So how do these open up? What's the magic word? Well I have opened up my Galaxy phones from the front and the back. And screen is held down with double sided tape that gets easier to peel open when the screen is heated. It is clear that these Bafang displays have no back to open, so removing the screen is how these things open up. I have already given it a first try and did not get even a hint of micro motion. Clearly these screens are glued down better than the Galaxy phones. So I looked around the internet for anybody else that has cracked this open, and so far nobody has. But I did find a video of a tour of the factory that actually makes these displays. Awesome it was. Here's the link. Mikey was invited to tour some factories in China recently and said t...

    The tour was very comprehensive and they mash the screen down with a sonic welder. After I saw that, I double checked to see if my screen was actually glass. If it was plastic, then this thing would have to be cut open. Alass, it was glass. So why sonic weld it? You cant weld plastic to glass. But you can instantly make the screen tape super sticky for a bond very difficult to peel off. And that's why my first attempt got nowhere. I was too gentle. But gentle for a reason. They could have potted this whole thing together or injection molded the case around the guts. You never know till you see behind the scenes. So I will definitely try again with more heat and more patience.

    So why do I feel the need? Well, I need to change things up abit. The buttons need to be disconnected from the display for mounting inside my vault. So I either cut and splice from the outside, or solder a connector to the inside. On top of that, I would like for the display turn on circuit to be robust enough to turn on more than just the motor. Like turning on the second motor controller in my trailer. That way one set of controls will run both motors. So yup, I will do my best to open the display. Especially since its clear that its been taped down. Just have to get to the proper level of heat to gain the advantage. :)

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    Most everything I have, I have opened up to see how they do it. Been doing that since I was a kid.
    I have had thoughts that I should offer to donate no-longer-needed mechanical stuff to my friends' young children (along with some basic hand tools), solely for the purpose of them taking it apart - so they learn stuff does come apart (into yet smaller stuff), how simple tools are used, wounds inflicted from taking things apart hurt but eventually heal, etc. Safe and/or "dead" stuff of course.

    Speaking of taking things apart, have you ever seen the first question from Dave Barry's "The Guy Test"?

    Alien beings from a highly advanced society visit the Earth, and you are the first human they encounter. As a token of intergalactic friendship, they present you with a small but incredibly sophisticated device that is capable of curing all disease, providing an infinite supply of clean energy, wiping out hunger and poverty, and permanently eliminating oppression and violence all over the entire Earth. You decide to:

    a. Present it to the president of the United States.
    b. Present it to the secretary general of the United Nations.
    c. Take it apart.

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      Yup. Dad did that for me. I remember him giving me a surprise when he came home from work. He showed me a fancy watch and I was super excited. But then I realized it had been run over and my excitement instantly changed. It was a reaction I couldn't help. He said I could see what makes it tick. And I did. Now I have great great grand dads watch with a broken gear inside. One day maybe Ill fix it. I did find parts for it on ebay long ago.

      Its a shame people today seem to be less capable. But we got leaders that say its just fine to be a looser. And everybody gets an "A" for effort. So there is just fewer incentives for people to make things happen. And schools are being taken over by ideologies at the expense of practical life preparation. No more drivers ed, home economics, cursive writing, and cut backs in shop skills training. With the demand to pay a living wage for just anything called employment, companies are forced to step in and train High School kids the skills they need to actually be worth the living wage that lawmakers are pushing. Here's an Indiana company that actually started their own trade school and pays the students as they learn how to use tools. Hard to know if those gullet fed know how are really as capable as those inspired to dig for success.

      By Jade Jackson Click here for updates on this story     INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — With more high schoolers looking at other options besides college, choosing careers in skilled trades is possible with one academy wanting to train the next generation for the trades. Peterman Top Tech Academy, which is on the city’s southeast side, focuses on

      And as for the "guy test", Hah, yea Id be taking it apart. Way too good to be true. There is certainly a Pied Piper buried in there somewhere with a bill that is very costly to pay.