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Changing settings on Bafang front hub

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    Changing settings on Bafang front hub

    I have a Trike with U.K. street legal 250watt and 15mph setup.
    it has a C961 display which seems to have a very limited set of adjustments. And a 250 watt Bafang front hub motor.

    the manual states the speed limit is available from 15 to 40 kph but I cannot set it to anything but 25 kph nothing changes using +/- buttons.

    in the advanced settings there is nothing to help get the pedal assist to cut in earlier,
    and nothing about the thumb throttle which is set at 6kph max.

    the advanced setting is found by holding+/- and 8 presses of the M button.
    is there another hidden menus set?
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    It's hard to say. The controller is separate and we need to know the model and also posted pics of it. There's a million controllers. All settings alter the controllers and manuals may be available for downloading.


      Ok thank you, I will see if I can find the controller and it’s details.


        I have finally got the controller info it is a Lishui controller model LSW1569-13-4M
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          I looked it up and they have no listing for this at all on their web page. They have both vector and square wave controllers and this part number reflects neither. Maybe its a sine wave controller, but they don't list anything like that on offer. It does use a Bafang hub motor of LOW wattage so I can say that running a heavy trike at 25mph with this setup would require you to be going down hill all the time. Then when you go back uphill, you may not even get to 10 mph. That may be why you seem to have so few setting options. This setup isn't powerful enough to do any more than it's already doing. If you need this to do more, you will need to get a more powerful setup. Bigger hub motor, bigger controller, and probably bigger battery too. I got no clue what battery voltage you are using or its capacity. If its a big capacity 48v battery, then you could still use that.

          Eggrider displays plug into these and they have programming tips. Here's one that may mean something for you.


          After writing settings, turn off your display from the Power button in order to save the settings permanently.
          Some settings take effect only after a power on/off cycle.

          Heres the link to Eggrider Lishui setup. This may have helpful info.

          But, like I said, this is so low power that you are likely not going to get anything more than smoke.
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        Thank you for your help