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Best chain for Luna One Chainrings and Alfine 8 IGH setup

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    Best chain for Luna One Chainrings and Alfine 8 IGH setup

    I am equipping a Catrike recumbent with a Luna BBSHD, the Luna One 36 tooth chainring and a Shimano Alfine 8 IGH. Shimano recommends a 9-speed chain. I am looking at the Shimano Steps CN-E6070-9 E-BIKE chain. Is this chain compatible with Luna One chainrings? Is there a better choice?
    Thanks for your help.

    9 speed should be fine. There usually isn't issues till you get above 10 speeds. I'm pretty sure there is at least one regular here that has or is running an Alfine so as soon as he sees this he may have some recommendations.


      If the chain line supports it (should be fine on recumbent) and you don't need a ring smaller than 38t, I prefer the bafang 130bcd adapter and conventional 130bcd narrow-wide rings... gives plenty of options without breaking the bank


        I'd agree with Retro and AZguy, the Shimano chain would work fine. I run Alfine 8 hubs, but with 1/8 chains and 1/8 Sturmey Archer sprockets.

        The chain line probably won't matter as much with the long chain length on that 'bent.

        But, if you ride in long pants, I'd avoid this particular Luna chainring - it's a real cuff chewer since it sits out so far. I'd instead try to make AZguy's suggestion of the Bafang 130bcd adapter work, with a cuff guard. Otherwise, consider the Jones 34T chainring or if you can accommodate 40T, the Lekkie. Both have guards that work - at least they have for me. The Alfine 8 has a 48mm chain line (dished sprocket facing out). On a 68mm wide BB, the Lekkie 40T's chain line ends up at 49mm (no spacers), and the Jones 34T's chain line is 58mm, perfect with a Rohloff hub and ok with a 148mm boost rear hub.
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          The IGH can have 2 different width cogs. 1/8" for single speed chains, and 3/32" for multi speed chains. Be sure you have the narrow cog. The 9 speed chain is designed to run with some chainline offset. Single speed chains are not. So it's good choice for a converted bike. 8 speed chains are about the same as 9 speed but a little wider. On my Surly stainless steel ring 9 speed is known to be tight. So in some cases 8 speed can be the safer choice. I would ask Luna, they should know what chains their ring is designed for. But it's unlikely they would have made it too wide for 9 speed. Surly is single speed focused so I'm probably lucky 8 speed fits. Alfine being MTB would probably come with the narrow cog, but Nexus hubs were more single speed based and those cogs are common.
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            Good point Retro on the sprocket width - AFAIK Shimano never made/marketed anything but 3/32 sprockets, at least for the Nexus/Alfine hubs. The Shimano Nexus 18T/20T sprocket with the plastic guard can only be mounted dish in, but the guard can easily be cut off and the sprocket flipped dish out when used on a standard triangle frame build. On a long floppy chain recumbent, I'd leave the guard on, as it may minimize a chain "derailment".
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            Maybe Shimano didn't make them but Sturmey Archer did, and they fit, and come in several reversible offsets.Just something to be careful of.

          I prefer the bafang 130bcd adapter and conventional 130bcd narrow-wide rings... gives plenty of options without breaking the bank
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            If you can get a good chainline with the 130bcd adapter (for BBSHD, it's 104bcd on the BBS02) this gives a lot of flexibility

            I ran cheap narrow ring takeoffs on my BBSHD until I settled in on the right ring sizes and then got good (more expensive) narrow-wide... for some reason the narrow-wides are a lot less expensive for the 104BCD's (like 25%) so not as important with BBS02

          For a recumbent I would talk to T-Cycles ( Terra Cycles) Their parts are first rate, and they sell chain by the foot for recumbents. Recumbents and tadpole trikes are all they do.
          TerraCycle manufacturers of recumbent bike and trike parts and accessories. Accessory Mounts, Battery Mounts, Idlers, Hi Vis Flags, racks, handlebars, clamps, Seatside Mounts, aerodynamic fairings

          They have an extensive catalog of chain management parts. Frequent lubrication is key for powerful E bikes.
          They make their own stuff, not just resellers of other peoples crap.
          Luna offers KMC chain ny the foot but shows them as out of stock.
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