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Two finger brake levers for Bafang?

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    Two finger brake levers for Bafang?

    Hello all I had a stroke of madness a minute ago and just wanted to see if anybody knew of some two finger brake levers that have the Bafang compatible Higo switches. All I find online are the full length levers. I want to spring load a brake cable nub in the barrel adjuster and use the second lever like a clutch to shift gears on my BBS02. (Kind of like the compression release lever on the old Yamaha four stroke dirt bikes; remember those??)

    You can buy the switches separately and put them on levers yourself.

    Some of the short levers like TRP are not designed to clear stuff on the handlebars. Avid being owned by SRAM have room for grip shifters, so also have room for E bike stuff. Speed Dial 7 have adjustable ratio also.


      Are you trying to make a brake lever sort of do double duty or are you adding an additional lever?

      I have heard of people just adjusting their brake so there is enough slack that you can trip the switch without actually applying the brake.

      If its an extra lever you are going for maybe look at a dropper post lever? This Crank Brothers one is the most flexible adjustable one I have seen.
      Compatible with most cable-actuated dropper posts Universal mounting system — top or bottom, left or right Single bolt hinge locking system Infinite spherical adjustment 360° rotation / 22° tilt


        So ultimately I want to make a clutch lever that feels like an actual motorcycle clutch: lots of consistent, spring-loaded travel and have it snap back like a real clutch. I mulled over the extra brake lever travel but I don’t know, it just feels lazy.

        I’ve seen the magnetic switches but I prefer the linear mechanical switches since they’re built into the levers and look OE if that makes sense.

        But at the end of the day, I guess I want to do it for the same reason I play Pokémon en español; because it’s unnecessarily complicated and that’s my bag, baby!