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Dreaded Error Code 30

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    Dreaded Error Code 30

    Hello Fellow Rider:

    I'm really struggling with this one. I had two G510 motors, one with a faulty Controller (48v from Bafang) and the other with a burnt Coil (52V from Luna).
    I swapped the controller from the 52V into the 48V. Did a lot of local test riding, everything went great for 4-rides for a total of about 17 miles.
    Loaded my Bike into my Pick-up and went to the trails. Got to the trails and about 20 feet into the ride up pops the vicious Error Code 30 and the bike quits.
    After returning home I started the process of elimination. Checked all the connections coming from the Wiring Harness, checked all the Pins in the connectors (with a magnifying glass).
    All connections seem good. I happen to have another Wiring Harness so I pulled the motor and did a test with the different Harness and got the same Error Code 30. My display shows available power by Voltage, usually about 57V is Fully Charged. When Error Code 30 kicks in it drops to 32-36V. Now at full charge it maxes out at about 45V. I happen to have another Display so I swapped it out. Still got the vicious code 30.
    Tested the power coming from the battery to motor connectors. Showed plenty of Volts.
    Happen to have a different Speed Sensor so I tried swapping sensors. Same code.
    My son happens to have the same Frey Mountain Bike as I have so I borrowed his Battery and tried it but got the same code 30 and dropped to 36V's. On his bike it registered 57V.
    I don't think that the 52V Controller Swapped into the 48V motor would have any effect?
    Frustrated to no end, I opted to purchase a new motor. Ordered via Alibaba since Luna did not have the motor at the time. Received it in 4 days!
    Did the motor swap and got the same Damm Error Code 30.
    I have run out of knowledge on this topic. Can anyone give me some advice??​​