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Bottom bracket. Hmm, what is the bike shop up to?

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    If all or most of their bikes are in that $2500 range and they are a decent dealer/shop and check that the bikes are properly set up before they are sold I could easily see that they have not had to sell or replace a bottom bracket on one of their bikes. I would guess 90% of their customers may only ride maybe once per week and only fair weather which isn't going to wear out even a cheap bottom bracket that was properly lubricated and set up. The commuters I know do much of their maintenance themselves likely because it has to be done so often so that could be another 9% leaving just 1% of their customers that really put some miles on.

    Them taking one off a new bike sounds like something no shop I know would have done unless it was a warranty thing and you were a really good customer. Another question is does this bottom bracket have any sort of torque or cadence sensor built in? If so that is a whole other level of oddity that has to be dealt with and would not be something carried by normal bicycle parts people.

    You say they told you the part was going to cost $50 instead of the original $28? Did you approve that or did they just do it? If you approved it I really don't see what the issue is. If you didn't that isn't great but it seems like they went though extra effort to get it fixed fairly quickly for you. The could have said we don't have the part and factory is on vacation so we can't get the number or price for a few weeks and then we will have to wait weeks to months to get the part and pay expedited shipping rather than wait months for a container.


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      During Chinese New Year they don't expedite anything.$28 +$12 shipping from Hong Kong that's what I used to pay for my Rapid Rise shifters back when they were actually available there. Now it's $29 shipping form UK. Only worth it if I buy 3 at a time.
      LMAO. You complain about how much they charged you to fix your bike. Now you're paying someone else to tear it apart.
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    I would definitely never take your bike to that shop again. Since he took a new bike apart to fix yours, and you filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I predict that the next time you take your bike there, he will take it apart and order the parts prepaid by you from China,( even if he has the part there already) and you will wait for them to arrive with no bike to ride. You may also find that he's too busy fixing other peoples bikes to get to yours.
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