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Ebikin roads or sidewalks?

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    Ebikin roads or sidewalks?

    It all depends. If your town loves high speed chases, then maybe you should ebike the sidewalks. Then you can veer off any old way for a desperate escape, without hoping your bike can jump up over curbs. Hah. This was a shoplifter getting away from the cops. The shoplifter escaped for awhile, but the truck driver got burnt to a crisp. This is my route to the cheapest grocery store in the eBike hater part of town. Most likely I will have to be shopping at the premium grocery store in the opposite direction. Certainly no safer, but less likely to be hauled off to jail for eBikin.

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    118.jpg There is a traffic light where I have to cross a 4 lane divided road with 45mph speed limit. There is a canal along one side of the road, and a sidewalk separated from the road by a median on the other. Due to the walled community there the sidewalk is empty and uninterrupted and so I ride there. At some times of day


    I often ride on the sidewalk if the traffic is heavy only going in the bike lane if their are pedestrians ahead then back up on the sidewalk.

    There is new ordnance against it but police seem to look the other way unless your bothering the pedestrians I guess. They don't bother me.

    I would rather get a dumb ticket then hit by a car and I think police certainly don't like cleaning up bodies when bikes get hit by cars, I would not want that job.