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    SPANK ME... hard

    Well I gave myself a pretty good lickin, but some of you guys should spank some too, cause it's not done yet, an I deserve more.

    Thought a new lectric xp 3.0 would, (with $300 in hydraulics and bmx bars) make a decent small size ebike for my short female friend.

    VERY WRONG. $ouch$. Last week my buddy had a medical issue, and now can't even sit on a bike for months and won't be doing any pedaling for a long while after that. SO,,,,

    I've got a nice new pig, with pretty lipstick and 9 miles on the display! CRAIGSLIST, harrisburg Pa.

    It's probably the nicest looking and handling lectric out there, but it's still a dog compared to a Luna, which I've learned in the 9 shakedown miles. She only got to sit on and ride it for 3 min. once!
    I'm eating the upgrades, and if she doesn't lose too much, I'm gonna try talkin her into an Eclipse, and I'll make it a low rider- put the wide noseless seat she she had to have right down on the frame. She won't be able to pedal (with Eclipse she won't have to), but she ain't gonna be able to pedal anything anyway. She'll only need to perfect gettin her leg over the frame.

    The lectric still ain't junk, and it's MARY POPPINS performance will be perfect for lots of noobs who stay noobs. - paying shops to "wrench" their brakes and such. front baskets for Toto!

    I have NO experience riding on any other ebicycles, and it was quite enlightening riding the 2 different well tuned bikes (with SIMILAR specs), side by side!

    Sure glad I check the water before I dive deep, most of the time anyway. The research I did before buying the LUNA has really paid off !

    told ya so, and spank away friends, me deserve it

    Glad to hear the Luna wins out! Though a free bike is nothing to scoff at!


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      lectrik al commented
      Editing a comment
      I knew my Luna was much more ebike when I ordered a lectric for my height challenged friend, I just thought that I could make it "something" like my Eclipse, only shorter. Very wrong!!. Wish I could have found one to ride first, this is gonna be an expensive mistake.

      On the bright side, in anticipation of adding another Luna to the family, I already started gathering some Eclipse upgrade parts: Soma kickstand, Suntour seatpost and shim, Topeak beamrack and a pair of quick detach pedals from flatbike.

      Now I just need to find someone who needs a brand new lectric xp 3.0