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    State of the business

    Ive been a long time and happy customer of Lunacycle, but more recently, have been unable to get responses on my inquiries about the Z1 and X2 bikes. Also noticing that some parts of the Luna web site are not functioning properly, or have dated information... So, hate to say it, but I'm getting a bit concerned as these things are usually yellow or red flags about the state/viability of a business... Question is, if I could get my questions answered, and if the bikes became "in stock", whether I should invest in a Luna bike ? Ouch, that hurt to say it... but it is what it is. Any thoughts or insights that would help me to decide ?

    I purchased the X2 about 5 months ago. It is a well-designed bike - although I've now upgraded the suspension, drive components, and wheels. Luna support usually gets back with me in a day or two.
    The company seems to be busy - which is likely the lack of response. In general, it seems Luna is much better at designing new bikes than after-sale support. I wish they would put more focus on after-sale stock and support. Here are a few thoughts:

    * The X2 uses all standard components except for the mid-drive motor and spokes.
    * Since the M600 is not very popular, you'll have a hard time getting any parts outside of Luna
    * Luna seems to not want to stock/sell some parts, such as the crank bolts and spokes. After much harassment, I was able to get them to sell me replacement parts.
    * The spokes and nipples are not a standard brand/size. If you break a spoke, you'll have to either experiment with different parts and/or harass Luna to get you replacements.
    * Luna seems to have done a good job designing and building some of the parts on the M600 motor that have been problematic.
    * I recommend their Ludicrous controller even if you don't want/need the power. The programmability is very good.
    * Not sure if the support team is on-site of off-shore. There seems to be a disconnect and communication gap between the support team and the rest of the company, but the support team seems to do their best.