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Surron X Controller Fail?? What are the signs? Works sometime or not at all?

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    Surron X Controller Fail?? What are the signs? Works sometime or not at all?

    Bike lights, battery display work when key is turned on. 90% no throttle response. Replaced throttle.... seemed like it got a little better but that just might be optimism. If I turn on bike, let it sit for a bit there is more of a chance it will work for about 10 min or so... but it always cuts out. I turn it off, then back on and sometimes is works sometime it doesn't. My question is this: If the controller is bad, would it allow temporary function of the bike or not allow any function of the bike? BTW Brake, kickstand, and tilt sensors are all unplugged. Just trying to eliminate possibilities.

    Usually if they don't work it would be totally dead. Have you checked for any error codes? Have you checked the connectors going from the controller to the motor (like the phase wiring) to ensure they are firmly connected? Is there any reason to think it might be the motor being partially burnt up, such as lugging it, submerging it, or running an aftermarket controller/battery on it?


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      Thanks. That points me in the right direction. When I checked for error codes I just got a long continuous slow blink. No signs of motor burn (no sluggish behavior, never touches water, stock controller & battery). I guess it's time to start checking wires. I tried checking the old throttle with a multimeter. There's continuity on some combinations of the three wires but I cant tell you what it means. Have not tested the new throttle. Odds of buying a new throttle thats bad?? Almost seems like the old throttle was still good and the problems is something else. Will start checking wires.