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Electric Bikes v.s. Electric Motorcycles: Which One Suits Your Needs Best?

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    Electric Bikes v.s. Electric Motorcycles: Which One Suits Your Needs Best?

    In a world where innovation drives mobility, the choice between electric bikes and electric motorcycles has never been more exciting. This article navigates the terrain of these electrifying options, exploring their differences in speed, range, power, size, and cost.

    OK lets get a few definitions going here.
    1-OEM Ebikes follow the rules and come in class 1,2,3. The first 2 have a 20mph assist limit. So I consider them assisted bicycles. Class 3 has no throttle and a 750W 28mph limit. I would call that an actual Ebike. In crowded urban situations some of these limits make sense. Unfortunately those places seem to make the rules for everyone else. These are also influenced by worldwide classifications like 350W 20mph limits. So many offerings have that power limit. 26" City Bikes, and 20" fat tire bikes are common in this category. Folders too.
    2- Converted or offroad ebikes. 1000W-1500W are most common and speeds beyond 30mph are possible. 1500W =2hp which is a common legal limits for US Mopeds. In Europe there is a similar classification called Pedelec which has a 50kph limit At this power level MTB tire sizes, and disc brakes are needed. Fatbikes are common also. If ridden sensibly these can pass for the first type and the extra power is useful for headwinds, or steep terrain. Luna sold a lot of these, so this forum is mostly for those bikes.
    3- I would say beyond 1500W 2HP you're getting into Emotorcycle territory and bicycle tires brake and suspension probably are not up to the task. Luna is moving more into this market so they're becoming more common in this forum lately.
    So I see 4 categories.

    Assisted 20mph bikes. Not much more useful than a bicycles except you aren't worn out when you get where you're going. Inexpensive, and light weight for apartment dwellers. Doesn't require riders to be young and fit.

    28mph Ebikes. Fast enough for urban street use. So longer commutes become possible in the same amount of time. No throttle is a compromise that hurts safety in traffic situations. Size and weight similar to the first category. An actual transportation option

    EMTB 1-2kWThese are probably the most versatile bikes. Similar to a moped or Vespa scooter. The downside is range. It takes a big battery at this power level. That adds cost and recharging times can be long. Overnight is common. Not really legal for street use except where they can be licensed and insured as a a Pedelec.
    They can often pass for the previous category if ridden sensibly. The gas bikes can just be refueled for unlimited range. Depending on the donor bike and DIY tools and skills these can be inexpensive. But not something to carry up the stairs or in the elevator.

    Emoto- (EMC?) Same range problems as above. Range and power adds cost /weight. But for the price they come with proper MC brakes, wheels, tires, and suspension. Getting one registered for street use can be impossible in many areas. These are mostly sold as dirtbikes. But there may be some EU models that meet DOT safety requirements being imported. Not really DIY friendly.
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