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Aipas A2 folding ebike is ok?

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    Aipas A2 folding ebike is ok?

    i want to buy Aipas A2 folding ebike, they use 750w motor, and price only $799, but his battery only 48v 10.4ah,

    is it worth to buy???

    I don't know anything about that specific brand or model. 750w motor is good, I would say above average if it true. 10.4 ah is on the small side especially for a 750w motor. With just the features you mention here $799 sounds too cheap. Something isn't likely what they claim it to be or the bike part about as cheap and low end as possible. Very similar specs from a well established company like Rad or Lectric I think is going to be more in the $1200 range.

    I'm not saying a $799 bike with a 10.4 ah pack can't work out for someone but I suspect in most cases there is going to be at least one aspect if not more that most people will really wish they spent a bit more and got a little better quality. The $1200-1500 range bikes seem to be about what I see as the bottom end for many peoples uses.

    As for the 10.4ah battery if its even really 10.4, again the price seems too low so they had to cut some corners somewhere. For the mid power motors like 750-1500 I like to use 2 miles per ah as a rough starting point to estimate range. There are a ton of variables but 2 has worked for me and many other people. If you are a larger person in an urban area with lots of traffic so stop and go and some hills and don't pedal much to at all and like to average in the 20mph range you may not get 1 mile per ah. If you are a lighter person riding at normal bicycle speeds pedaling some on a rails to trails trail 4 miles per ah may be reasonable.


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      thanks, I'm going to buy one and try it out. The price is really attractive to me

    I did get a chance to walk around a local shop that had at least 100 ebikes out on the sales floor and it does look like 10ah and 48v appears to be pretty common. There were bigger ones but many seemed to be in that size range. Didn't see any smaller than that so its the minimum.

    Price wise it looked like their lowest priced bikes were about $1500 on sale for $1200. No idea if its a real special sale or if they are always on sale. I didn't see any brands in that price range that I ever heard of and none of them were over 500w. There were a lot of components on those bikes that really didn't look great especially if you were actually planning to put some miles on.

    A brand I did recognize except I didn't know they made complete bikes (or at least puts their name on them) is Yamaha. Regular price on them was $2400 but they all seemed to be on sale for $1999. They looked to be a lot nicer than the $1200 bikes. Not as nice as the $4500 models I wish I could afford but they had really decent looking components and features for the money.


      I just looked at their site and a quick look at them in general and I would not buy from them. They appear to be fairly new. Their website looks just like almost every other website from a company you never heard of, the more you look and read the less its actually saying about anything. None of the reviews I found were very old or seemed legit, either outright fake or paid. If that is the style bike you are interested in I would be looking at Lectric or Rad. Both those companies have been around a while now and have a good reputation for being a good value.

      If you do get one be sure to let us know how it goes. Maybe you found a real gem from a startup company that is going to put the Lectrics and Rads out of biz. Unfortunately there seems to be a few hundred make a quick buck selling crap companies selling e bikes the last couple years for every one that is actually good.


        Considering the Aipas A2 folding ebike, huh? The 750W motor and the price point at $799 definitely sound appealing! But when it comes to ebikes, the battery capacity is a crucial factor.

        A 48V 10.4Ah battery is decent, but it might not provide the longest range, especially if you plan on longer rides. It's worth considering your usage patterns – if you're mainly commuting short distances, it could be a great option.

        Also, keep in mind the overall build quality, customer reviews, and after-sales support. Sometimes a slightly higher upfront investment can pay off in the long run with a more durable and satisfying experience.

        Ultimately, it depends on your needs and preferences. If the Aipas A2 fits your typical rides and offers a reliable performance, it could be worth the buy. Happy riding!​

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          For a commuter bike that can recharge at work that battery might be OK. I think folding bikes tend to be carried in other vehicles. or tight urban quarter. It might not be the primary mode of transport.


            We often don't have any idea what sort of commute people are planning. Maybe its only a mile? 10 ah could be a week between charges.


              A2 folding ebike use Tektro disc brake 180mm, There will be better braking performance


                If it has the typical 20mph assist cutout those brakes should be OK. Hills and headwinds really suck up battery capacity. Especially winds which are like a never ending hill. It's not much fun pedaling a heavy Ebike under the same difficult conditions that took down the battery. I've been there. Even with a 24Ah battery.


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                  max speed 28mph

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                  That speed will pull the battery down quickly. I would consider 17=20Ah a good place for that speed. You may like riding it enough to go places on the weekend too.

                I'm not saying a $799 bike with a 10.4 ah pack can't work out for someone but I suspect in most cases there is going to be at least one aspect if not more that most people will really wish they spent a bit more and got a little better quality. The $1200-1500 range bikes seem to be about what I see as the bottom end for many peoples uses.
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                  Aipas A2 folding ebike,

                  Click image for larger version

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                    if the folding feature is so it can supplement your car or SUV or public transit it should be OK for that, or riding around to visit neighbors, or a short commute with a charge while working. But hills or headwinds will pull the battery down quickly. I see this sort of bike a lot around the beach, but not on the road going from town to town. The motor built into the mag wheel may leave you with few options for repair or replacement if that vendor goes under. Same for the internal battery. Most of us in this forum convert standard bicycles using batteries and notor kits that are universal in nature. We can get batteries, and motors from several vendors in several interchangeable types. The bicycle parts are like that too. There is a risk to any proprietary Ebike. It will probably work OK within it's limits, but a couple years form now who knows if it will be another orphan. Depending on the quality of the cells the battery is made out of it may be an 7-8Ah battery after a year or so. The battery is the most expensive part of the bike, and the easiest place to cut corners to get the price down. Costco online has Sondors. They've been around a while.
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                      Aipas A2 folding ebike" because individual product details and reviews can change over time. To determine if the Aipas A2 folding ebike is suitable for your needs, consider the following steps:
                      1. Research: Look for recent reviews and user feedback on the Aipas A2 folding ebike. Check online retailers, forums, and social media platforms for customer experiences.
                      2. Specifications: Examine the bike's specifications, such as battery capacity, motor power, range per charge, and folding mechanism. Ensure that these features align with your preferences and requirements.
                      3. Brand Reputation: Research the reputation of the Aipas brand. Established and reputable brands often produce more reliable products with better customer support.
                      4. Testimonials: If possible, seek testimonials from individuals who own the Aipas A2 folding ebike. Real-world experiences can provide valuable insights into the bike's performance and durability.
                      5. Warranty and Support: Check the warranty and customer support offered by Aipas. A solid warranty and responsive customer support can be crucial in case of any issues.
                      6. Comparison: Compare the Aipas A2 with similar folding e-bikes from other brands. This can help you assess its features, performance, and value for money in relation to other options on the market.
                      7. Local Regulations: Ensure that the e-bike complies with local regulations and laws regarding electric bicycles in your area.
                      8. Availability of Parts: Confirm the availability of replacement parts and accessories for the Aipas A2. This can be important for maintenance and repairs.
                      9. Test Ride: If possible, try to test ride the Aipas A2 or a similar model. This can give you a feel for the bike's comfort, handling, and overall performance.

                      Always make sure to check for the most recent information and reviews, as product details and user experiences can change over time. If you have access to online forums or communities related to electric bikes, these can be excellent sources of information and advice from actual users.