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Sun EZ-1 Recumbent conversion to E Bike with Mid Bike Motor

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    Sun EZ-1 Recumbent conversion to E Bike with Mid Bike Motor

    I am looking to do this conversion. One thing I need to do is to remove the bottom crank to be sure the brand of motor will fit. I need to find the correct puller. Is this puller found on Amazon BIKEHAND Bike Bicycle Crank Puller - Crank Removal Tool - for MTB Mountain Road Bikes with Square Taper Bottom Bracket and Splined ISIS Drive, Octalink the correct puller? I saw it in a Youtube video about removing cranks. Also is E Bike Essentials the best place to purchase the parts. They seem on the high side compared to Amazon. But they have all kinds of video about the process.


    Are you talking about the crank arms? IF so the most common brand of bike tools is Park and the most common type/model is their semi-pro tool, the CWP-7 and it sells for about $16 everywhere including most likely stocked at your local bike shop.

    If you are talking about getting the shaft and bearings out that is a whole other level of complexity. There are many type that fasten in different ways and turn in different directions many of which look pretty similar to even a semi trained eye. That is where your local shop comes in. Maybe go buy the arm tool from them and ask if after you get the arms off if and how much it would cost for them to just remove the bottom bracket which is what the shaft and bearing part is called. Some people have said some shops just say sure and do it for free hoping to create a loyal regular customer. Others say they can do it for $20 while you wait since it takes them longer to go get the tool out of the toolbox and walk to the bike than it takes to do the job. You would likely spend at least $20 on the tool anyway and it could be the wrong tool so you have to spend more time and money and hope the next tool is the right one. Lots of hassle for a one time job,

    The crank arm puller tool is good to have for yourself because its much more universal and chances are good you will have to remove a crank arm again for one reason or another. Bottom brackets don't get worked on that often and you are not likely ever going to put it back.