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    Help please

    Hi All

    I have an issue and I need some advice. I have installed sabvoton 72150 controller, it is connected to motor only so far but when running a test it is showing an error 26( breaks). It seems to luck good when restarting but starting to blink that error again when turning on. The breaks aren't connected yet now.
    what could be possibly wrong? How to fix this issue?
    Advice please

    I don't know that specific controller but typically with this universal DIY sort of stuff not hooking up the brakes makes the system think the brakes are not being applied so not having them plugged in is a good thing for testing.


      Hi Agata Koscielska,

      And welcome to the forum! :-)

      After doing a little research on your controller and error code. It seems to me that the problem might be just as simple as you properly connecting a good throttle to your system.
      Before start-up as recommended by the manual. Please give it a try.

      A longer explanation is available if needed.

      If you still are having this error code after doing so or need further help with something else.
      • Please include all LETTERS and NUMBERS in the products model code.
      • Confirm what communication hardware/software are you using to configure this controller's parameters and start-up.‚Äč
      • Or what manual (link) are you using for the error code explanations.
      • Any other information on display, battery, or motor that might be helpful.
      These will help insure more accurate responses.


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