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Can I use a battery with a different capacity?

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    Can I use a battery with a different capacity?

    E-bikes can often be upgraded to higher-capacity batteries to extend range. But how to make sure a new battery is compatible with your e-bike to avoid performance or circuit issues.

    Get the same Voltage, and make sure the controller has enough Amperage continuous out put for the motor/ (30A for the 1500W BBSHD) 20A is enough for street legal 750W motors.
    The brand of cells matters. Samsung Pahasonic and LG are good brands. Offbrand is less common in 21700 batteries. There are fakes.
    The type of connector can vary also but that's pretty easy to change. A bigger battery may have a different charger port, and it might be a good idea to get an upgraded charger so the bigger battery can be charged in the same amount of time. A 2A charger can charge a 12Ah battery in 6 hours. But it would be 12 hours for a 24Ah battery. Some vendors provide the bigger charger with the big batteries, other it's an extra cost option. The one you already have may not be suitable.
    Be aware that non US countries often have 250-350W power limits. So batteries sourced off shore may be intended for that purpose. I would buy from an established US vendor. This does include Grin technology in Canada.
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