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Two click sound when pedaling, chain delayed engagement

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    Two click sound when pedaling, chain delayed engagement

    Hi All! New owner of Giant Explore E+ here.

    I recently noticed my bike is making a clicking sound when I start pedaling from static or freewheeling. This happens both when motor is on or off.
    As in the video, when start pedaling, the first click sound didn't engage the chain with drivetrain, and the second sound is when chain start to engage (I start to feel normal resistance when rolling the bike).

    The problem feels exactly the same as this post: Trance E+2 knocking when pedaling - Solved

    I tried to lock the clutch as mentioned in the post above, but no fixed.

    At first I thought this is a freehub/pawls issue. So I took off the rear wheel, and put my other bike's rear whell on it. Problem is the same. So I guess it's something else.

    Any input will help. Thanks!​

    Is the other crank hitting the kickstand?



      A clicking sound in your bike can be caused by various issues. Here are some common reasons for a clicking noise when pedaling:
      1. Chain Issues:
        • Chain Wear: A worn-out or stretched chain can cause clicking sounds. Check the chain for signs of wear, and replace it if necessary.
        • Chain Tension: Improper chain tension can lead to clicking. Make sure your chain is properly tensioned.
      2. Cassette and Chainring Issues:
        • Worn Cogs or Chainrings: Check the cassette and chainrings for signs of wear. Worn teeth can cause the chain to skip or make clicking sounds.
        • Loose Chainring Bolts: Ensure that the bolts securing the chainrings are tight.
      3. Bottom Bracket:
        • Loose Bottom Bracket: A loose bottom bracket can cause clicking sounds. Check for any play in the bottom bracket and tighten if necessary.
      4. Pedals and Crankset:
        • Loose Pedals: Check that the pedals are securely tightened.
        • Loose Crank Arms: Inspect the crank arms for any play. If they are loose, tighten them properly.
      5. Hub Issues:
        • Hub Problems: Clicking sounds can sometimes originate from the hub. Check for any issues with the hub, such as loose bearings or damaged components.
      6. Derailleur Adjustment:
        • Derailleur Alignment: Ensure that the front and rear derailleurs are properly adjusted and aligned.
      7. Check for Foreign Objects:
        • Inspect the bike for any foreign objects, debris, or loose parts that may be causing the clicking noise.

      It's advisable to perform a systematic check, starting with the chain and drivetrain components, and then moving on to other parts of the bike. If you're unsure about the source of the clicking sound or if you're unable to resolve the issue yourself, consider taking your bike to a professional bike mechanic for a thorough inspection and repair. They can diagnose the problem more accurately and ensure that your bike is in proper working condition.
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        For cyclists, you should also pay attention to lubricating the chain so that it is smooth when pedaling
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