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    Lectric One

    Has anyone purchased the new Lectric One?

    It looks similar to the XP3, but with many different features.

    It has a belt drive opposed to a chain!

    It has a gear box in the pedal area which can be configured to ‘automatic’!

    When you stop pedaling it changes gears according to your speed and PAS!!

    It also has a configuration that makes it go crazy fast!

    I own an EXP3 which meets all my needs, and this Lectric One is really a commuter IMHO!

    I am retired and have no commuting agenda and when I do go to stores I ride my Denago City 1 bike!

    Would love to hear some feedback and opinions!​

    I have seen it mentioned but have not looked that close since its not really my style. It does sound really interesting especially the belt drive.


      Is it a scooter or a bike? I prefer scooters more. Electric scooters, in my opinion, are more mobile, and it is convenient for me to put it in the flat, where there is not much space. A bicycle I definitely can't accommodate. Among the affordable brands in Сherry Wheel, I liked the options by MotoTek the most. They inspire confidence, and there are some pretty good options in terms of features.​
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