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New battery certification regulations are coming as fast as how and were we can ride

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    New battery certification regulations are coming as fast as how and were we can ride

    If you watch the 'news' you have seen that many cities are doing temporary e mobility bans while they try to sort out long term regulations. Also in the news mostly last year was that cities like New York were requiring certified batteries which was a case trying to enforce rules for standards and certifications that didn't yet exist. Looks like September of 2023 UL finally came up with a standard which now the municipalities seem to be jumping on. What most people seem to be missing since many people live in an area that doesn't have to be on the cutting edge of new legislation is the insurance companies have also jumped on the bandwagon. This means sellers and distributors insurance companies my be putting pressure on to get rid of non certified product and your renters or home owners may also require certified product or you get no coverage.

    I don't have a problem with the idea of what they are trying to do. There is for sure a lot of unsafe junk being sold and used that is causing real harm. Short term one of the big issues is UL is the only option. There are not many products where UL is the only option, usually there are other options like CE but right now its just UL. The UL process isn't fast so there is going to be a long delay where its required but there won't be much product available. I worked for a company many years ago that got a product listed and I think it was almost a 2 year process. Its also not a cheap process just to give you a clue look at their site, It cost $505-$1258 just to get a copy of the document that describes the standard. This doesn't have anything to do with applying or testing its just the specs.
    UL 2271 | UL Standards & Engagement | UL Standard | Edition 3 | Batteries for Use In Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) Applications | Published Date: September 14, 2023 | ANSI Approved: September 14, 2023

    So cost to build a pack will increase because they have to spread out the cost of the testing but also because most likely some of the parts that go into the packs will also have to be tested and certified so the parts will cost more. And at least short term there are not going to be many that are certified so the supply and demand is going to kick in and drive the costs up further. With packs already being one of the most expensive parts of a bike and why people are tempted to cut corners and buy something sketchy I think its only going to get worse before it gets better. The scammers and junk sellers are just going to double down and make worse stuff and rip people off worse while smaller companies that were trying to do things right will be forced out of business because they can't afford the process.

    It doesn't seem like anyone has firm numbers yet but I see numbers in the $300 range being kicked around so the 'cheap' but decent $500-$700 pack will now be $800-$1000 and if you had one of the $1000+ packs you could be in the $2000 range pretty easy. The tech will change and volume goes up prices should come down but I bet its going to be a very slow process.

    Many people that maybe would have bought some thing decent will be forced to by junk and at best be turned off by the poor experience but at worst could be harmed financially or even physically. Overall not a good thing for the e bike industry for the next couple years. I don't see amount of available junk slowing down any time soon. The people selling the junk don't really care about the rules or insurance anyway its the going to be the people that are trying to do right both customers and sellers that are going to suffer.