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LED Headlight, anyone found a Good one?

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    #46 These were found in a thread on endless sphere. I will try to find it and provide a link. Purchased, but have not installed yet.
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      Checked the Amazon link, says currently unavailable :( The lights, not the brackets, brackets they have tons of!


        I use the novsight LED headlamp. The price is relatively high.


          Maybe not the solution you were looking for but it works pretty good for me. This lighting set up is relatively cheap and has tons of backup built into the way i set it up. Because I have 2 of everything and one battery pack will power both lights but can run one and one if you want to. Plus the battery packs can power any other usb device including charging my smart phone. during the last power outage i ran my phone off one of the battery packs for better than 3 days and the pack still had plenty of charge left in it. I like running this sort of thing separate from the main pack. Granted you need to bring them in for charging once in a while but lots more options in my opinion. The lights first off I will say these are Chinese lights I like them but I hate the mounts they move way to easily. I prefer a light to stay where I put it. So i unscrewed the mounting plate one screw. Filled the hole on the underside of the light with hot glue and used the screw and a washer and mounted it on these off road light mounts i found on amazon. They are way overkill because the are made for 4x4 off roading but they don't move and worked great in this application. I mounted them close to the stem on my handle bars of my Motobecane Boris the Brut. Sorry no pics but i have a links to everything i used. You do have to be mindful how you mount these lights because you can blind traffic they are bright for what they are.I mounted one slightly low like you would a low beam on a car and the other angled just slightly like you would a high beam. Use a Wall and adjust before tightening down like you would when you adjust an automotive head lamp. These are amazon links to the exact products I used but they are not affiliate links that i know of. The lights are all aluminum and have real glass lenses much better for temperature and keeping scratches at bay. But I imagine if I do end up breaking one a real pain in the ass to replace and would probably just buy a new light if that happened. oh The lights show as being black in the picture on Amazon but the ones i got were more of a gun metal grey color.

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            I was looking at this light on the Luna site:


            Although more than I want to spend for a light, it looks like it has an battery plug that matches the charging plug on Luna battery packs. I found out the hard way a while back that the charging port is a HOT connection. That got me thinking...

            Can you use the charging wire on Luna battery packs as an output source for lighting?
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              Cool! I have a $10 6V special coming for my BBS02B with the light wire coming out of the controller, but will be looking for another light for my second BBS02B that doesn’t have it. The charge port power source will make adding a headlight easy. Just need to get one that has the on/off switch with (hopefully) different levels and flash built into the light housing...
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              I wired the lights on my roam fusion using the Luna XT90 parallel adapter at the battery input, one side going directly to a 15w LED and taillight from Luna (it doesn't look like the stock either light right now, but these were cheap and are super bright). Luna support recommended the configuration, and didn't spec a fuse in my case. It works very well and was more in the $60 range with the lights and adapter and supplies.

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              The fisherfabhouse light looks like the xt60 on the charge lead of the battery but it's actually an xt30 pair with pigtails so you can wire it in between your motor and battery. It's not recommended to run anything off that xt60 because you can discharge the battery past the LVC which is hard on the cells.

            For 12v systems, Fisher Fab House 3200 lumen


              Originally posted by tombig2020 View Post
              I use the novsight LED headlamp. The price is relatively high.
              Price isn't a problem. Anything specific. I'm watching the novsights but I'm not sure.