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    Ga shark pack

    I bought a new 14 ah ga shark pack and I'm only 12.5 ah out of it before I hit the lvc.

    I hit lvc then reset the battery and try to get a little more out of the the battery but it quickly shuts off again.

    My saiator says 12.5 ah at the most after chargING is anyone getting 14 ah and how are you achieving that?

    you should never run your battery to less than 10% preferably in my bike less than 15% so your lvc is working as it is suppossed to 14 x .9 = 12.6- if you keep tripping the lvc you will most likely shorten the cycles of your battery. Another note is recommended to only charge to 80% although i will admit that i almost always charge to 100% right before i start my ride that way i can figure out how many AH went into the battery and have a reference for what i should expect in miles per tank based on previous experience


      Thank you for the info but I've had many ebikes and built many. I just want to know if there is a problem with that batt. And if other people are getting 14 from this pack. I don't know why you would call it a 14 ah pack if I can't get even close to 14ah from it.


        You should get 14ah.

        Are you running this one the BBSHD? The bbshd I heard recently has the lvc set too high....

        The LVC should be around 37 or 38v for a 14s and bit lower for the 13s..... make sure you are at that voltage at shut off.

        Also make sure your battery is reading fully charged off the charger... 58.8 hot off the charger for 14s.

        Another thing you need to cycle the battery a few times before you will get the full ah from it.

        The other thing you should check is make sure your CA is properly calibrated....


          I have a bbshd I lowered the lvc on it to 38 I think that's the lowest you can go?

          Battery is reading 58.6 right off charger satiator charging

          I might be able to get a little more power if I keep the bike in peddle assist level 1 and don't let the volts get higher then 300 watts but that kinda kills the point of getting 52v batt. (I wanted full throttle power for 14 ah)


            you should get 14ah out of that pack..... we test them all the time..... yeah lower the lvc down as low as you can...dont worry about the pedal assist levell it shouldnt make that big of a difference. But at the same time you shouldnt expect you will get a full 14ah if you run it at full power until dead.... that is pushing it......

            cycle a few times and let me know the results....

            have you tested another battery on the same system and you got full amp hours? it may be that your cycle analyst needs calibrating but if you have tested other batteries on the same system (motor and cycle analyst) and they tested fine then i would start to worry a little bit.

            Also you should run the battery all the way to dead and charge with your satiator to full charge from dead..... let me know if the cycle analyst and satiator are giving you the same ah reading....


              Seems i misspoke- eric are you saying that i should be able to run a battery down to the full amount of AH it has and not damage or "over discharge" the battery- i have the same cells only in a dolphin pack and i am always concerned anytime i have to but more then 80% of the batteries AH back into it. ( i use the luna watt meter through the charger to measure amount that "goes back in the tank" when charging) I think that i could increase my safe distance no problem since i usually only put about 8-9 ah back in. Thanks scott


                yes you can run the pack down until the BMS shuts it off which should be around 36-38v ...and it will not do any damage to the pack.

                of course its better for the life of the pack if you dont discharge to empty and charge to full... but i wouldnt worry about that. It makes a very small difference.... and nobody really knows (has definitively tested) how much of a difference it makes.

                But definitely if you are testing to see if you are getting the ah you paid for (which you are right in testing) make sure you test from complete charge to complete discharge as determined by the bms.

                We run our packs to BMS shut off all the time and charge them full without worrying about it... i recommend you do the same.

                Basically you should get the full ah of the pack if you run it down from full charge to empty (bms shut off) and that will not do any damage to the pack. The bms prevents you from discharging or charging to a point that you are damaging the pack.... it also will shut off pack if you get it too hot.


                  how do you know when to balance the shark pack or any other battery pack?


                    Eric thanks for the reply. I don't have a CA I'm running a bafang. HD Everytime I try and run lower then 45v the voltage sag is great with anything more then pass 1 it cuts out in 10 feet. After the 3rd time I'm over it and try and limp home with little to know power.