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Hit by a car again, but this time I got it on video!

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    Hit by a car again, but this time I got it on video!

    The YouTube description has some details:

    My wife said that I was riding in his blind spot.


    • Alan B
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      She's right. Great video.

    You were definitely in his blind spot, but he was driving poorly. Better to pass a guy like that in traffic, on the left, than at an intersection. I learned that the hard way, too.


      Glad you are OK.

      That's a powerful illustration of how easily this can happen. And why signaling isn't optional when you turn in a car. Use your dang signals, people!

      Passing on the right side of their lane isn't something any car driver is likely to expect, either, though. Hard to put too much blame on the driver IMO. Risks on both party's sides intersected at that point in space and time. From what it looked like, not being there...

      Tough bike! And pilot, evidently. Bet your hands are sore.
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        I landed on my elbow, but I was wearing a very thick jacket. I always wear a reflective vest (on the outer layer, of course) and I had my flashing rear tail light on, so he would have seen me had he looked in the bike lane. When he swerved into the bike lane earlier, he may have been distracted by something in his cab (e.g. his cell phone).

        This same thing has happened two times in three months, so obviously I need to keep myself out of the way at every place where a car can turn because many drivers are not seeing me despite my efforts to make myself visible.

        Had the guy used his turn signal, I would have anticipated him turning in to my path when I was riding at 35 mph. I wonder if I scratched his car.

        I give him credit for stopping, and a lot of other cars stopped, but I hopped on my bike and resumed my commute because I didn't want anybody scrutinizing my bike!


          Buy some gloves!


            Glad you are ok.

            I think the biggest issue is passing cars on the right, which is fairly common when you have an electrically-assisted bicycle. Drivers aren't trained to watch their right when they have a curb on their right. It is 100% his fault but you pay the penalty for his mistake.

            What I am trying to do, and I am not always disciplined, is that I do not pass cars where they have an opportunity to turn right. I will stay between cars. It is okay if they pass me, but I am cautious if I pass them, If they do pass me, then I know they should be aware of me. I will flow with traffic, which minimizes this problem, or I will only go faster than traffic when they can't turn right. I am trying to train myself to follow this but it requires discipline.

            During traffic jams, I slow down, and but a bit faster than traffic (breaking my rule above). This gives me more time to make an emergency stop.

            I have to assume that was the first time you were near that car and he was never behind you at any point.


              I am so very glad your OK on that one, wow!

              But I must say, that bike is NOT a normal bike and I would highly question if it is legal as a pedal only bike would be. You could NOT ride that fast even if you took Lance Armstrong supplements. I've seen your other videos, you're FLYING, and your FLYING on sidewalks. So this is where eBike legality will come into question. If you two went to court, he might have a case with eBike legality in mind.

              He was swerving into the bike lane as you approached him from behind. In that one shot at the end you can see he had his cell phone mounted. He was probably looking at and using his cell for GPS directions. He was not thinking a bike was coming up from behind. You were totally in his blind spot.

              Did he pass you initially? If I pass a biker I would keep an eye in my rear-view if I had recently passed a bike and knew I was turning just after passing him.


                Also you are wearing a uniform. Keep in mind you represent the company you work for when you have that uniform on. You might want to make that video private. And don't post videos of yourself FLYING on sidewalks. As this one you posted even says HIGH SPEED COMMUTE ON SIDEWALK
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                  Originally posted by commuter ebikes View Post
                  The YouTube description has some details:
                  Glad you came out alive :)


                    First off, extremely happy you weren't hurt. Where do I begin? Seems it has all already been said, so PLEASE follow everyone's advice and DO NOT PASS ON THE RIGHT ,especially given that he had already swerved into the bike lane seconds prior to the accident. When I commute on my e-bike, I follow the traffic laws to the letter because in an accident with two tons of steel, my 72 pound bike just doesn't stand a chance. The more I plan ahead, the more time I have to react to a situation like this. I try to anticipate how the drivers around me are behaving and up the ante by not placing myself in a situation where I can be crushed or God forgive, be maimed for the rest of my life. Thank you for posting this, and because I have gotten to know you a little on here, DON"T become that guy I met on the forum whom I can't contact any longer. Be safe bro.......


                      Glad you're ok, but if I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to get hit. You put yourself in a very bad spot, ebike or not. The high speed sidewalk video is just asking to get hit or dead. It's never Ok or smart to ride on the sidewalk, ever! When did we stop teaching this to kids (rhetorical). The only thing worse would be going the wrong direction on the sidewalk.


                      • g725s
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                        I think it might be OK to ride sidewalks in certain situations, and I myself would do it yes, only if there were total visability no blind spots what so ever. But I watched all of Commuter eBikes YouTube videos when I saw them weeks ago, and honestly I felt then what was only confirmed in the crash video, and saw many things that were totally unsafe and just not right and completely illegal. That sidewalk video there was way to many blind spots, bushes, whatever.

                        Maybe this was not illegal, but the high speed sidewalk one, in the very beginning he comes right off the sidewalk at high speed into the street and immediately goes around a big rig trailer(total blind spot), there could have been a guy working at the front of that thing and have come out only to find a high speed eBiker bearing down. I did see him run a red light in that video. Red lights are for ALL to stop at, walkers, bicyclist, cars, whatever. There were other things but those are that sort of stuck out this morning, as I only really watched the beginning of the Sidewalk High Speed one and had to go to work myself. I also saw him go near a walker lady that was bending down if I recall correctly. Whenever you come upon a walker on a sidewalk it is time to come to a crawling snails pace. Just my humble opinion anyway

                        If you've got a totally clear shot on a sidewalk, and there are absolutely no walkers, then you are probably OK. But we as eBikers really need to show some reserve whenever walkers are on or even close proximity to a sidewalk. Walkers on or even near sidewalk, or path shared by both bikes and walkers = VERY slow pace around walkers or blind areas/curves.

                        As you can tell I'm not one to be politically correct and not speak my mind. But this stuff need to be talked about. There was a video of a guy down in Australia, and he rides on the beach at high speed all the while doing crazy talk commentary, he goes flying past walkers on the beach . I don't thinks that video says good things about eBikes, I just don't think, at those speeds, on a piece of high speed machinery, he should have not been more then 50 feet from any walker or runner. Just my humble opinion anyway.
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                      • JPLabs
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                        Thanks for the discussion about this. It's a good thing to think about. We get into habits and get too comfortable with risk. Good to scrutinize ourselves and think about what we can do better. Others see our deficiencies better than ourselves, often. Glad to see the openness.

                        Commuter, you seem very objective and open to suggestions. Criticism. Discussion. Whatever. You aren't being overly defensive or anything. Thanks for that, and for helping to foster this discussion .

                      • lairpost
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                        Worth a few minutes read:

                        Sidewalks are intended, by law, for pedestrians. In most jurisdictions, it's illegal to ride on the sidewalk. If you're commute has 50MPH roads without bike lanes, I would find another route. The law allows a bicyclist to 'take' the lane as needed. The roads in much of San Diego County, California the right most lane is marked with a bicycle symbol indicating to motorists, the entire lane is for bicyclist as needed.

                        I've ridden on roads since I was a kid, totally more than 50,000 miles in that time, and have found acting like a motorist (including signaling my turns) is the safest way to ride, and the law agrees with this. Sidewalks are OK for your training-wheel, 3 year old, trike riding buddy but that's it.

                        The take home message, motorists are not accustomed to looking for 'traffic' coming from either side on a sidewalk. If there are no driveways, and no bicycle lanes, and no alternate routes I'd use the sidewalk too...but I would find another route even if it's a few miles out of my way.

                      Yeah, at those speeds, you're going to get that a lot. I can't tell you how many times I've had cars make that turn because in their mind, they passed you long ago (even if it was just a second) and they assume since you're on a bike you're going 3 miles an hour, not that you've caught up and are now sitting on their rear quarter panel. I've learned to just assume they are all going to do it if there's an opening to their right and ride accordingly.


                        Don't pet a barking and growling dog and don't pass slowing cars on the right (maybe at all if they are moving). Both can get parts of your body taken off the hard way. People (almost all people) think of their wants before they give a thought to others.


                          Originally posted by Galroc View Post
                          I have to assume that was the first time you were near that car and he was never behind you at any point.
                          True. He was never behind me.