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newbie - Need for speed question

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    newbie - Need for speed question

    Greetings, Ordered the BBSHD "hot rod" programed from Luna with DPC-14 display. Mounted on fat bike last week and can't seem to get over 24mph. I have the 52 v battery and standard chain ring that comes in kit. Any thoughts? Much appreciated

    Does it seem as if its rolling power off as you reach 24mph? Should see watts (if you’re using that option) reduce on the display as you approach that speed.

    Do you have the correct wheel size setting for your bike?

    Can you get into the advanced setting and verify what the speed limit is set for? Page 10

    Here’s the manual -


      Okay, multiple posts need to be addressed but I’m new and don’t wish to nuke some of user MancaveAle posts while he looks for a solution. But I’m locking all his threads except these two since it has the most replies and the other thread is Eric's:

      The following threads about the same issue are now locked until the mod team can help figure out how to best merge the posts into the single topic.

      And please don’t create new threads about the same issue.

      Thank you for understanding and if someone believes this the wrong way to go about this please lemme know?


        Thanks and it was first day in forum and wasn't sure where to post my question. Thanks again for all the info


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          Oh, no problem and it's not that big of deal but this will help me learn how to better perform these sort of tasks. Thank you for understanding.

          We're discussing the forum layout in the mod forum and seem to be in agreement there's a large number of topics which overlap and thus makes it confusing for folks like you to know where to best post. We're working on it and hope to clean some thing up in the near future?

          Thanks again and please don't hesitate to ask whatever you need to know?