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Other then luna's cargo rhino, what other luna bike for car replacement

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    Other then luna's cargo rhino, what other luna bike for car replacement

    Been car free 5years now want to change that

    was going to buy the Luna rhino cargo bike but it's pick up only and im southern wi...doubt it.

    I really don't want to build from scratch I guess because I want to ride the thing...tired of walking, etc.

    no $$ limit. my needs are these...

    hyd. disc brakes front / rear
    fat tires for Wisconsin winter riding
    IGH for the chain line, weatherproofing, less maintenance
    full coverage fenders
    Touring racks front / rear (Tubus racks)
    towing a trailer
    large battery
    not a toy play bike

    extra wants if possible...
    suspension and a cyclone motor

    Other then the rhino, which luna bike will work the best. I know none of luna's bikes have an igh or fenders except the rhino so I expect to put those on. Which luna bike to start with?
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    I don't have an opinion on what bike you should buy (other than buy what you want), but I just wanted to chime in and say that my ebikes were specifically built as car replacements and I never use more than 2.3kW.

    My motor can produce 6kW, but it becomes a death machine at that point. I weigh 295 lbs., my bike weighs 90 lbs, and once my motor is putting out more than about 3kW things become more terrifying than fun.

    With my current limited to 32A at a nominal 72V, I can still go 40 mph with my heavy load, but every commute is a safe one.

    I think it is a good idea to overbuild bikes that are capable of adrenaline pumping thrust, and then limiting the current so that your motor, controller and battery have an easy, long life. If, on occasion, you have some super safe environment, then you can turn up the current temporarily and get your thrills, but if you do this day after day you risk a serious accident. Live to ride another day!
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      Trailers may be a viable solution IMO for cargo hauling. I actually prefer them similar to the way I like 2qty small battery packs rather than one large pack. Majority of riding I don’t need much range or hauling capacity so I get to ride a lighter easier to handle eBike most of the time. But whenever the need arises, hitch a trailer and off we go! I can carry more weight lower to the ground which is always a good thing, IMO…

      Check this thread for my recent large item delivery -

      Here's some pics of my trailering life:
      Click image for larger version

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