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Basic Mid-drive Kit with Torque Sensor -- $350

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    Basic Mid-drive Kit with Torque Sensor -- $350

    SDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor. Power: 350W. Voltage:36V. No Throttle. No Brake Grid. High efficiency, low battery power consumption, safety long riding. It fits all 36V battery packs.

    There's not much competition in the DIY middrive space. The fact this is a torque sensor MD makes it a little more interesting. Low power, low price.


    That is interesting, and could find some cool niches.

    I like the idea of no throttle, and how it has both crank arms that can be replaced with ones of different lengths.


      Good lord. I think a BEWO is near that rice and looks to be a far better motor. I can't imagine the "torque sensing" much more than just PAS at that price. Then add the controversy of the supplier to the mix. But that said the cheapest shipping I've ver seen out of BMS. $35! WOW! It has to be really light duty.


        are there some one have used that motor? what do you feel about the quality?


          Googling the model number gets some feedback

          Hi, I was made aware of a new offering over at BMSBattery today: "SDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor". Seems like a an attractive alternative to the Bafang BBS, $50 cheaper, with torque sensor, better installation guide etc...



            Re: New "SDZ2 Torque Sensor Central Motor"

            by larsottar » Thu May 19, 2016 4:09 am

            Have tested it a bit now. I have installed more than ten Bafang BBS 01/02 over the past two years so that is my main basis of comparison. I think the TSDZ2 motor outperforms the Bafang on all but two accounts; installation was easier, better thought through and better documented, quality of motor and parts feels better (time will tell about durability), using the motor is way more intuitive compared to Bafang, it's basically like a Bosch motor in that regard, finally it's very competitively priced. When it comes to noise and spare parts the Bafang is better still. The TSDZ2 produces noticably more noise when not assisting as well as when it is assisting compared to the Bafang according to my ears (I might try and record this and post). Also I have requested an extension cable for the speed sensor from both the website pswpower (did not have) and the motor manufacturer (did not respond), but it seems there is basically no spare parts/ accessory availability.

            Regarding the torque of the motor I think it has plenty for a 250 W motor. Some people have mentioned the torque sensor might be a bit too sensitive, meaning you can sense assist variation as you pedal through one cycle. I can see what they are getting at, but did not percieve this as an issue at all. Compared to the Bafang 01/02 I think the TSDZ2 provides assist in a superior way. Having the torque sensor react quickly is more an advantage with regard to braking and gear shifting than a drawback I think.

            That's it for my first impression. Hope to return with a noise comparison video before too long.


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              A report of early failure, but no additional updates. Not of the pictured gears but I thought I'd throw them in since one of the ridiculous complaints about Bafang is the plastic gear Click image for larger version

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                Seems some one not like that,, but we are sure the picture is not from tsdz2 motor, [ATTACH=CONFIG]n11367[/ATTACH]


                  My biggest dispoinytmnet would be the motor position, but I've had the BBS series on frames in the same position. Just don't go curb jumping. VBG


                    bafang is great, but the TSDZ2 will be not bad ,we think, it is well known in China and Germany, it has the coaster brake function for option .


                      Originally posted by View Post
                      it has the coaster brake function for option .
                      WOW That means it's a perfect setup for a number of bike previously poor choices. I'm certain it'll do well in other markets, it's tough to sell a 250-350W motor here. Somewhat of a shame in my opinion. I have 2 of 6 bikes running 350W BBS01's and everyone that rides them loves them.

                      My only other disappointment is loosing the center stand mount. All my eBikes are on double leg stands for stability and this motor uses that attachment point.

                      My other concern is on longer frames like the crank forward Terk Pure, Electra Townie, etc. where that point is positioned further behind the crank. Will this motor bracket reach or is there an optional bracket? Those are the 3 speed that would benefit from the coaster brake.
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                        The Mid Drive Kits are designed to fit bikes with a 68mm (2.68 in.) or 73mm (2.87 in.) wide bottom bracket shell and 35mm inside diameter. This encompasses the vast majority of bikes excluding some newer high end bikes with an Integrated Bottom Bracket, and Fat tire Bikes with a 100mm wide bottom bracket shell.

                        the video of TSDZ2 installation is as the link below for your reference.

                        If you bike don't have any brake lever, you must use the motor with coaster brake function, otherwise you can choose the motor without coaster brake function

                        Package include:
                        1.36V350W TSDZ2 mid drive motor with torque sensor.
                        2.No brake lever
                        3.Speed sensor with magnets
                        4:No thumb throttle
                        5.E-bus cable set(can compatible till 28inch bike)
                        6.Easy installtion as 8FUN center motor
                        7.42T chainwheel

                      A coaster brake option?! Well that is a game changer! I'm working on a 3 speed coaster brake build for the Mrs. right now. Was going with a Smart Pie, but now....​I would also echo Louis's disappointment and concern. Hey Eric, any chance Luna will be carrying these in the future? If you could do for these what you did for Bafang, (US Distribution and support) it would sure fill a very empty niche!


                        Hey Louis, you've done Townies before, any chance this drive could be mounted in the frame triangle? With obvious mount mods of course.


                          Originally posted by Rix Ryds View Post
                          A coaster brake option?! Well that is a game changer! I'm working on a 3 speed coaster brake build for the Mrs. right now. Was going with a Smart Pie, but now....​I would also echo Louis's disappointment and concern. Hey Eric, any chance Luna will be carrying these in the future? If you could do for these what you did for Bafang, (US Distribution and support) it would sure fill a very empty niche!
                          RETIRED. I have no day to day interaction any more.
                          Don't know if Eric would be interested. Lots of BBS01's sat on shelves for lots of months and don't sell well. Heck I bak know where one or two are still in the box. Know that's not the same, but the power issue is huge for MOST folks. I think thats a mistake but, if I were smart I's be rich.

                          I don't see it fitting and then there's the fixing plate issue with it.

                          If you are dead set on that frame have the rear wheel built with the drum brake 3 spd. I did. You could have the LBS even use your wheel. 70% of the braking is the front, so a drum would be all you'd need. I think I spent around $100 labor and that was with an Alex rim. Shop it and you could have the wheel you need for around $175-$200. Maybe less. I'm can't seem to sell mine but the big objection is the different rim. But you could have the thing built into your existing rim. Shop hard and you can find deals on Sturmey Archer IGH. Just make sure you do a Gearsensor version drive IMO. Actually I find these days I've geared gone up another gear to 3rd and almost never need to shift and get to 23-24MPH. No stain on the motor. If your wife is like mine she won't use near the power of the BBSHD. That's be a sweet bike drum brake 3 spd BBSHD with GS. Quick takeoffs with the throttle too.

                          After all that I realized yours is not a crank forward version like I've built on. I had a BBS01 on a Trek Pure and the motor was as low as this one would be on your bike. No problem really. Just don't jump curbs.


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                            Get her a trike, and bolt a Cyclone 3000W on it... done. BAM.... next! :)

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                            I could have guessed at your comment Gman!! LOL she would get a big kick out of that set up! Once! Then she'd never touch it again! Wait... that might work out well, after all, Then I could ride it!! "Hey honey, lets talk about that trike option again!"

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                            Indeed.... :)

                          the sales manager from Tongsheng told they will increase the price of the TSDZ2 motor