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Torn by the tale of two chargers...

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    Torn by the tale of two chargers...

    After pondering for a while what battery charger to make a hopefully one-time investment and as my go to primary charger. I have narrowed it down between the Grin Satiaor and a charger used in the RC circles made by ICharger model number 4010They are both in the same price range and both of very high quality build, I'm sure the grin is well known within the bike crowd and is the obvious choice of most bikers I've spoken to. That said I have pretty much decided on the iCharger due solely to its flexibility and powerful options I can use building my own packs, the only hold back being it will only monitor and balance 10 channels/cells. It does allow me to build my packs without BMS however they would need to be split into 2 sections of 7 cells for bouncing purposes as the iCharger will only balance 10 cells per channel.
    I leave it to the readers to (change my mind!)
    Thanks, Dave

    I am not familiar with the other one, but if you buy the Satiator and are anything less than 100% satisfied with it, I will but it from you.

    I think you will find that the Satiator is impeccable.