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    Shop Update

    Well I am going to fix up my shop to make it better for working on bikes. This shop has seen projects ranging from Honey bee hives to cedar canoes. One good thing about it though is it has air conditioning. It is mostly a wood shop but if I clear out all of the saw dust I can fit motorcycle sized projects in there. I was once contemplating building a 20 foot boat in there. Well I am more comfortable on Bikes than on boats.

    I bought a Park stand. This one:

    Click image for larger version

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    I have a tool kart similar to this that I will clean up and put all of my Bike and motor cycle tools in.

    Click image for larger version

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    I also have a heavy steel bench with casters that goes back to the dim dark ages. The bench has a Wilton vice and a head jig that I have been using as a bike stand.

    Click image for larger version

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    These three pieces will be the core of my work place. Hopefully the organization will help my bike projects.

    After I converted my (landlord's) garage into an ebike shop, my life changed a lot. All I do is either work in the shop, sleep, go to work, ride a bike, read and write. Sometimes I go to the movies. With the clean, organized shop, my productivity is many, many times what it was. Bottom line: I'm usually in the shop, wrenchin' on stuff. My neighbors must think that I am a tweaker.

    I have a work schedule for my project, and my philosophy is "nose to the grindstone." I do make it a point to try to sleep 8 hours/night, but with my daily free time I go into the garage, clean it up every time before working, and then stick to the work schedule.

    I will buy tools, parts and service that I can't afford, and everything else goes by the wayside (e.g. entertainment budget, new clothes, anything that is not ebike-related). I never hesitate to buy tools, but only if I know I will use them.

    You will enjoy your shop. You will probably be out there wrenchin' on stuff and listening to music like a lot of us. I'm sure you will still ride every chance you get, too. Read, wrench, ride, repeat.

    I regularly work in the shop to the point of exhaustion and then go to work or read. This way, the bikes receive the quality energy. I even eat my meals around my shop work. I make sure that I am nourished while working in the shop, often leaving myself hungry and exhausted at work.

    I am so honored to have two wheels that used to belong to me in your shop. I had many adventures with those wheels. Maybe post a picture of these wheels in your new shop.
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      Well we had some rain and a hot steamy day followed so it gave me more time to work on the shop before the next project. Basically I had to clean off the steel bench and my radial arm saw table. Both were covered with tools, screws, and parts. I tend to get messy. I loaded up my roll around cart with parts and special bike tools. The rest will go back into my regular tool box.

      Click image for larger version

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      Ebikes get heavy when completed so I installed a Harbor Freight electric winch to the ceiling to get loaded bikes on and off of my bike stand.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	2017_08_19_15_41_57_ProShot.jpg
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      Remember this is an old barn. We used to milk cows in this area and then it was kind of my wood shop. It is a good thing it is air conditioned. One of my friends was giving away an old monster AC unit that he used for his whole house. The only problem was it was old and noisy. Fine by me.


        So how much was the winch? An old & noisy A/C wouldn't bother me, either.

        I never do anything in my shop unless (1) I am well rested and, (2) I clean the shop first. After the work, it is always messy again. Periodically, I will spend time reorganizing everything.

        Your shop looks great. Working in a shop such as this is one of life's finest pleasures. Put on some tunes and you're livin' the dream.

        I try to accomplish at least one thing every day, even if it is just an online purchase. I do the best I can, as I can.

        I used to be able to afford a helper, but those days are gone. I took a different role at my work, and the new role has almost no overtime. I used to get so much overtime that I had just about no time for wrenching on my rigs; I would compensate for this by hiring a helper.

        Now I have more time, but I am quite broke.The new role that I have is a swing shift, so I can sleep in, get in some productive time in the shop, and then go in to work half exhausted. If I work a morning or day shift, I am too tired to do any shop work after the day job.
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          The winch was $100. My neighbor repairs garages and installs lifts. Well he had a damaged one that I was going to make a powered bike lift out of. It was to big though. Like killing a fly with a sledge hammer. So I thought of a winch or a chain fall and Harbor had what I needed. It is mounted on a junk yard galvanized street sign post so it slides back and forth about 3 feet. It is a good solution.

        These projects are great! Hope to do my own soon. And your creativity and resourcefulness amazes me @calfee20.
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          Here are a couple of photos of the winch in action. In the first photo I have the bike suspended with two straps that are adjustable so I can level the bike.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	2017_09_18_16_15_52_ProShot.jpg
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          This second photo shows how easily the jaws of the bike stand can be lined up. I am very happy with this cheap alternative to a powered bike stand.

          Click image for larger version

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