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Looking for builders looking to make $$$ installing kits

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    Is there a Luna wiki or database for which bikes fit which motors best, or that won’t fit at all? That might be a valuable asset for a network of Luna Certified ebike conversion specialists across the globe. For instance, I installed a tongsheng 52v with a wolf pup on a 2019 specialized women’s pitch small frame and it would only fit if I manipulated (hammer & die grinder) the frame near the bottom bracket. Could be a good piece of info for someone in the future.


    • Cavi
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      I have done two pitch bikes with bbshd kits and they worked perfectly!!! No mods just a couple of small spacers

    Yea I'm interested in building ebikes and working on maintenance issues. I've noticed that things vibrate loose and chains and cassettes are very delicate when applying electric pony power through the drivetrain. My only experience so far is with bafang mid drives. I've only done 2 installations. I do ride a lot. I have managed a bike shop in the distant past. More recently I have done volunteer work at a local bike co-op doing refurbishing. I am also currently doing volunteer work at the wheelchair shop at the local VA hospital, SCI unit. I love tinkering, nuts & bolts. I don' know nothing about 3d printers & probably never will. I will insure and get a mobile business going if & when I get some interested (ing) clients. ;)


    • calfee20
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      I spend a few months in Lutz every winter. I have done both mid and hub drives.

    You can count me on that list. I would love to do that.



      I live in Redmond Washington and have converted 3 bikes. 1 BBSHD and 2 BBS02's. I'd be very interested in accomplishing conversions in the Seattle area. If needed, I do have access to a machine shop with laser and 3D printers. After only accomplishing 3, it seems most of them need a little something to make them just right.

      Thanks! Dave
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