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Need help, how to select the right Electric Motor?

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    Need help, how to select the right Electric Motor?

    Hello everyone,

    Selecting the Right Electric Motor

    Confirm the speed and resolution of the encoder.
    Calculate the motor shaft by converting it into load torque and ramp torque.
    Calculate the load inertia. The smaller is the load criteria, the better. So, the accuracy and speed of response time are good. (an example from )
    Calculate the regenerative resistance.
    Make sure to select an encoder shielded twisted pair cable.

    We need to consider the following Parameters:

    Rated voltage
    Rated output power or torque
    Rated speed
    Heat-resistance grade (environmental temperature and temperature rise limit)
    IP protection grade
    Installation dimensions
    Motor control modes such as torque, speed, and position
    Types of encoders such as an incremental encoder or an absolute encoder

    I hope you people can help me about selecting an electric motor for sure. Please give me a better idea about electric motor. I will thankful to you forever.

    Any better idea would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

    Is this for an ebike? If so, it will greatly simplify things if you buy a motor designed for that application:
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