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Alfine vs Nuvinci

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    Alfine vs Nuvinci

    Hi, I am wanting to upgrade my drive train to an IGH as I am planning to ride througout the winter. I have a good XC bike with a BBS02 52V battery not hot rodded. I am using this for a commuting bike and so far it handles every hill around with ease. I usually dont need to be in a lower gear than 3rd to go up any hill at a reasonable speed around my area. I'd like to put an IGH on my bike but am uncertain of which to chose from. It's gonna be either the alfine 8 speed, Nuvinci 360 or 380, or Sturmey archer 5 speed. I am considering the SA 5 spd because I read that it is quite heavy duty. Also, I find that on my commutes I ussually change between 3rd et 8th gear even If I have a 9 speed cassette. However, I am worried that I might regret not having spent a bit more for those extra speeds I could get with alfine or nuvinci. I wanted to get some opinions from nuvinci and alfine users about their experience and what they would recommend for my purposes. Some articles warn that an IGH such as alfine could be broken by the power of an Ebike motor, I figured if i put an alfine with gear sensor there's no problem cause it would never shift under load. Would a gear sensor be necessary with Nuvinci, from the looks of it the shifting system requires 2 cables and I am not sure if a gear sensor could be installed.. Also it looks like the CVT would make shifting under load even with an ebike worry free. Thanks everyone!

    I`ve had the Alfine 8 on my BBS 02 conversion coming up on 2 years now, no issues so far. If its for a commuting bike and you don`t beat on it all day long it will certainly do the job.
    You will probably find with the torque you`ll be double clicking through the gears two at a time, no big deal. Depending on your dropouts you`ll need a Tensioner.
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      I have vertical dropout, 26inch rims. Are you able to tell me right spoke length for that?


        Regarding the NuVinci, know that there is a high torque / high power version being released in September called the N380x. It will handle significantly more power than the Current N380

        Although the current N380 is not meant to support the BBS02 type of power, it has been reported to work with the BBS02.
        That said, the new N380x will be a lot stronger, so would bring additional peace of mind.

        Because the NuVinci is a continuously variable transmission, there are no gears, so you do not need a gear sensor (it would not apply anyway).
        If you are going to use the NuVinci with the Manual C8 controller, then under heavy load the shifting may be a bit harder, and easing on the pedal pressure will help.
        If you are using the NuVinci Harmony Hub interface and Electronic shifting controller, that is not really an issue as the shifting is actually assisted by a motor. The Harmony Hub interface and controller also offer an automatic mode that will shift automatically for you based on a chosen pedaling cadence, making the whole thing even easier.

        About your remark "Some articles warn that an IGH such as alfine could be broken by the power of an Ebike motor, I figured if i put an alfine with gear sensor there's no problem cause it would never shift under load."
        Keep in mind that it is not just about the gear changes. Even when not changing gears, when applying full power through the IGH, it will stress the gears, and if the IGH is not quite made to sustain that power, it could damage and eventually break it.
        So even if you have a gear sensor, it will not eliminate that risk, and you want to choose and IGH that has been known to resist the stress of the BBS02.

        If you have not already seen it, the article below is an interesting read for IGH on electric bikes.
        The popular Bafang BBS02 and BBSHD mid drives are introducing an entirely new generation to electric bikes. Many of these new ebikers are asking about the option of using an Internally Geared Hub (…

        Note: Whichever you choose keep in mind what is the gear ratio range you want in order to have an acceptable pedaling cadence at low speed and hi speed. Give the power of the BBS02, it is a lesser concern, but still something to keep in mind :)
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